Something new for your little princesses hair: My Little Darling

Darling Hair recently put together a fun networking event for moms to connect over a topic that is very prominent for us young, modern moms… hair!

With the recent launch of the ‘My Little Darling’ range, Darling Hair has created the perfect braid-brand, specifically developed for young girls. This is the first of its kind – being softer, shorter and lighter braid tailored for young delicate scalps.

I don’t have a little girl, but I do braid my hair often so I know how boring it can get to sit for more than 30 minutes. Darling has considered this – each packet comes with collectable cut out paper dolls for the Little Darling in your life to play with. Zinhle, Thando, Owami and Palesa each have their own personalities and will keep your little girl busy and entertained while she gets her hair done.

Here are some do’s and don’ts on how to do your Little Darling’s braids with ‘My Little Darling’ Yaki Braid:

MLD PalesaDo:

Make sure to wash the hair and do a conditioning treatment on the hair before applying the braids. This will help to keep the natural hair strong and healthy.

Always be sure that the person plaiting your child’s hair doesn’t pull too tight when braiding. Children’s hair should be handled with care.

Wash the scalp and the braids once a week with a mild shampoo and conditioner. Be sure to towel dry the hair or let it dry naturally.

Use a good moisturising braid spray which contains an anti-itch formula. Use on the scalp and the braids.

Make sure to rest the scalp for a week between braiding your child’s hair, and do a moisturising treatment during this week for great, healthy hair!


MLD Zinhle


Avoid relaxing your child’s hair before braiding. The natural hair of a child will hold the braid better than when in a ‘relaxed’ state.

If you are tying the braids in a pony, don’t leave the pony in overnight. This will cause tension on the hairline. Let the hair loose and give it a rest during the night.

Avoid using products that are petroleum based on the scalp. The petroleum is thick and heavy, and will only create build up on your child’s scalp and on the braids.

Don’t leave the braids on for more than 4 weeks. Her scalp needs time to breathe!



The fibre retails for less than R10,00 per packet (varies from store to store) and is available at Jet Mart, Clicks and other hair care retailers.

Remember to keep your children’s hairstyles age-appropriate, fun and simple enough for their age – children need to feel like children, not young adults!

Modern Zulu Mom

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