Review: My Hopi Skopi Activity Book

My Hopi Skopi Activity Book

Hey Mamas, so excited to bring you a review of the My Hopi Skopi Activity Book! Our family is heading into an exciting period in our lives, where two of my children are preparing for school transitions. My son is going to high school (Grade 8), and my daughter will be going to Grade R at a primary school! 

Our little lady hasn’t been able to contain her excitement for being in uniform and big school. All she has wants to do at the moment is ‘practice homework’ in preparation for big school. The My Hopi Skopi Activity Book has been a welcomed addition and a lifesaver for me, for the days she asks for ‘homework’ while she sits next to her brother, who is preparing for his exams.

The ‘My Hopi Skopi’ Activity Book, is created by Sipiwe Sikwila, a lawyer with a passion for early childhood development. She made this 128-page educational activity book for children to feed their imaginations and equip them with essential skills. 

During hard lockdown, I remember my guilt about not committing to more than just her hour-long zoom class in the morning because I had my own work and meetings to attend to. I wondered and knew that she was missing out on so much of the crucial development of pre-primary school. That’s why I love that Sipiwe worked with a professional educator to put the book together.

Some fun facts about the activity book:

  • It has a mixture of fun color and back and white images, beautifully illustrated by South African illustrator Andrea du Plessis
  • It is entirely locally produced (Yay!)
  • Kids have a wide selection of activities to try, between coloring-in, language and maths activities, opportunities to practice pencil control, scavenger hunt ideas, and personal development sheets (see my favourites below).
  • It’s ideal to supplement homeschooling activities and to prepare your little one for school.
My Hopi Skopi
  • There are answer sheets for each activity, which are a helpful guide for parents and caregivers to explain the activities 
  • The book would make a great gift for Children 4-7 years old for Christmas and birthdays! It retails for R220. You also have the option to purchase a gift voucher for family and friends! 

You can shop the activity book here. Use my discount code “MZM5” to get 5% off! 

I would recommend that you take the activity book along for long drives or flights to curb the boredom and “are we there yet?” questions! 

You will also love the Hopi Skopi website, where you can download free printables. If your little one has a few loose teeth like us, you will appreciate the tooth fairy printable, and I would also highly recommend the love language printable for activities to help you discover your child’s love language.

Pages that are a highlight for me:


This page encourages children to circle the things they are thankful for. Reading a story and praying is part of our evening routine, and we always express our gratitude for the people and blessings in our lives. 

“Things that make me happy”

Hearing my daughter’s answers firsthand as I read the questions to her was really special for me. 

Scavenger hunt

With unpredictable lockdowns and still keeping as socially responsible as possible, this was a fun activity to do, and I loved that we could involve both her brothers in the fun. 

“Five things I like about myself”

As I embark on my self-love journey, I’m reaslising the importance of building self-confidence from an early age. I think it’s powerful for our children to learn what they like and love about themselves and be able to express that freely!

We’re looking forward to working through our book and the fun activities these holidays! You can catch up on our adventures over on Instagram.


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