Meet The Mama: Kim Nokwaza

Hi Mama’s

Allow me to introduce you to a new series called “Meet The Mama” – it’s all about connecting with you guys and getting to know and talk about your motherhood journey, because we all have powerful stories and lessons that we can learn from one another. I have loved interacting with many of you on social media and on the comments received on blog posts and look forward to featuring many more Mama’s on this series.

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to Kim Nokwaza, who is a Mama to 3 month old Zinathi.


Kim happily shared some of her fondest mommy-moments, which she juggles with being a wife and workaholic!

How did you find out about your pregnancy?

We had just returned from a trip celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary, and were thrilled to learn that we were going to be parents. Finding out too early made the months feel long though, and I couldn’t wait to start styling the bump (which only appeared after 16 weeks)!

How would you describe your pregnancy?

When I think of my pregnancy, a number of beautiful thoughts come into mind. Feeling those jolts and kicks was a daily reminder of the miracle growing inside of me. I’d like to believe that I had a fairly easy and pleasant pregnancy. The only “negative” pregnancy symptom I experienced was the swelling of the feet which occurred around the 36th week of pregnancy. I carried small and was therefore able to wear high heels right up until the ninth month. I was fortunate not to have morning sickness and weird food cravings (thank goodness!). Those close to me were excited and I was showered with so much love. The love that awaited my angel was incredible. I truly, truly enjoyed every bit of my pregnancy.





Did you have a birth plan?

I am a bit of a control freak, so I wanted to have a clear and concise plan for when our little one made her debut. So, yes I had a birth plan. I understood that I couldn’t control every aspect of the birth, however I still felt it necessary to document my wishes.

How did you feel when you first met your daughter?      

It was so surreal (still is!). I couldn’t believe she was finally here and that she really was ours. I remember looking at her angelic face, and thinking just how amazing God was. It was such an indescribable feeling, everything about her was miraculous. I felt truly blessed.

What is the biggest challenge about going from couple to parents?

I think we’ve done pretty well for first-time parents. While we understood that minor adjustments would need to be made on the arrival of our daughter, we decided early on that we wouldn’t make drastic changes that would negatively impact on our “me time”. We are very fortunate to have an excellent nanny – whom we trust unreservedly – and are therefore still able to do the things we love doing together as a couple. Also, we’ve learnt to be patient with one another as being parents to a colicky baby can be quite overwhelming.



How long is your maternity leave and how are you feeling about returning to work and balancing motherhood with a career?

I have taken maternity leave of four months and a half months. I am quite the career woman, and therefore made the conscious decision to take only four months away from work. My husband fully supported this decision. While I am a little nervous about returning to work and not being with my daughter for 8 hours of my day, I want to fully embrace the transition as it is necessary.

What childcare/ support structure do you have for your daughter?

We are blessed in the sense that we have a solid support structure. My parents and in-laws have been nothing short of amazing, and always offer a helping hand. Further, our nanny lives with us and this gives us complete peace of mind.

Are there any cultural traditions that you followed when your daughter was born?

My mother is quite traditional. She made it clear to us that our daughter could not have any visitors before she turned ten days old.

What has been the most difficult part of being a mother so far?

It was really challenging when my baby would cry for no apparent reason. I also wish I had known that breastfeeding can be quite daunting and a tricky skill to master.

What has been the best part of being a mother?

Being trusted with another (fragile) life is phenomenal in itself, so I’m really grateful to God. Being a mother has been my proudest moment to date and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Thank you for sharing your journey with us Kim. I wish you all the blessings with Zinathi

If you would like to be featured next, please send me an email – I would love to have you 🙂

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