Mama Mingle Event [+ Building and Bathroom tips]

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

I had the pleasure to host my second Mama Mingle event, which is part of a series of events I created last year, to bring moms together to chat about different themes and experiences we have along our journey. This past Saturday, the conversation was around home, building and renovation projects. I hosted eight gorgeous mamas for a coffee session at the CTM flagship store in Waterfall, Johannesburg, which was the perfect, intimate number for the day’s chronicles.

When my family started our new home building project, I didn’t think that there would be much interest from my mom community, simply because it’s so different to the usual content that I share on my blog and social media pages. However, once I started sharing bits of our home-building journey, I realised just how many moms were in the same process or about to embark on a similar journey. Now I’m enjoying the process of sharing and updating you guys on how it’s going, through my Instagram stories.

Over the last few weeks, I have been creating my children’s bathroom with the CTM team and learnt many valuable lessons after my consultation with Monica. So much so, that I wanted to share this information with my mom tribe and so the #MamaMingleSA coffee session came about. CTM graciously hosted us and also provided a bathroom talk and site tour.

A few of our learnings from the day:

  • Before onboarding a builder or contractor, make sure that you see other examples of their work. Make a personal visit to their old site. You dont want to invest in a quality tile and be disappointed by poor workmanship.
  • If you are unsure about your tile, buy a sample and let it live in your home for a few days. This will also allow you an opportunity to see how the colour reflects to the lighting in your home.
  • Choose a neutral and classic main floor tile and play around with your furniture and accessories.
  • Decide upfront if you would like underfloor heating (something I personally regret not taking into consideration).
  • For your bathroom, use special bathroom tiles, due to the fact that your bathroom will be exposed to humidity and water.
  • Consider feature wall tiles, to add a pop of colour or character to any room. CTM stores have an inhouse decor studio where you can match your selected tile to some “popping” elements.
  • In your master bathroom, you may want to consider making provision for heated towel racks (how glorious?! – all mamas deserve one) and a mirror with LED lights for a modern look.
  • For saftey, choose an anti-slip tile for your patio, as the area is often exposed to rain or pool water.
  • Get guidance on choosing the right grout colour for your tiles – that can make or break your overall look. CTM Consultants can assist you with this instore.  

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle


#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

Since it’s still May, the month to celebrate moms, treats were in order.

Truly thankful to Sally Williams for our divine luxury almond nougat, which is proudly made in SA!

Although it was a moms-morning-off, Johnsons Baby provided spoils for us to take home for our little ones. I’m loving the new range!

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

Mama Mingle; CTM;


Thank you for the lovely morning CTM! Follow the CTM Instagram page for the latest update and trends.

I’ll be hosting the next Mama Mingle at the end of September and I cant wait for the next exciting mommy-topic. If you have suggestions for the event, please send them my way mamas.


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  1. Hi mommy, I would have loved to attend this one…where will we get details on the next coming in September and would like to get an email update when you have a new article on the Blog. I love your Blog, keep up the good work mommy.

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