Life update, the nervous makoti

I cant remember the last time I did a life update. Forgive me. I feel like I’ve been overwhelmed the whole year, seriously, when is this roller-coaster slowing down?! I took on so much in every area of my life; I’m half won-out by it all and half-energized by the fact that I survived it. It’s a really strange feeling. As close as we are to the end of the year, I can’t relax and take it easy just yet, because I still have another milestone *clears throat* my traditional wedding to tackle. After having Umembeso, up next is Umabo.

Up until a few days ago, I was the calm and collected Makoti-to-be, but now that the wedding is so close, the stress is overpoweringly obvious and I’ve run out of lies to convince myself that I’m not stressed.

I normally manage any anxiety by being as proactive and productive as possible and I’ve tried to keep myself occupied by not taking leave early and doing a few exciting brand campaigns. In terms of activities around the wedding itself, things have been a bit harder, because it’s not taking place at my house/moms house so I have limited control. I’ll be a “guest”, as my inlaws will be officially welcoming me and my family into their family. (We had our turn to host them earlier this year during our membeso). What is comforting at this point is that most of the priority items are steadily under control.

I think.
I hope.



In between all this planning, I had two work trips that took me away from home for several days, over a three-week period, one local, one international; so I’ve been destabilized on the home-front too. I’m trying to make up the time with the family as much as possible. Fortunately, my little-man understands, but my daughter has become much clingier in the process. So right now, I’m trying not to let my personal anxieties impact them further.

Oh, did I mention that I also have my son’s birthday party to throw in a few days?! Right.
As nervous as I am, I am truly looking forward to the day and I intend to have the party of my life!

Wish me luck and feel free to share any calming tips!

Modern Zulu Mom

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