Stay Heart-Healthy with these tips from Kellogg’s

By making small changes to your lifestyle, including making time for a balanced breakfast and exercise where possible, you will be already on your way to tackling whatever life throws at you, this year.
Here are some top tips to get heart-healthy:


Start your day right
Heart-healthy living begins with taking the time to eat breakfast in the morning. We are busy moms, but skipping breakfast can often lead to overindulgence on unhealthy, convenience foods that may be high in saturated fats, putting us at risk for coronary heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure. Sitting down to have breakfast with our little ones each morning presents the perfect bonding opportunity.


Keeping Things Moving
Research indicates South Africans may not be getting the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended daily fibre intake of at least 25 g per day (adult recommendation). Diets rich in fibre can help to lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure and protect against strokes and diabetes.
My favourite meal from the Kellogg’s range is the All-Bran flakes; this range is high in natural wheat bran fibre, proven to be the best cereal fibre for promoting regularity. I enjoy mine with warm milk – yummy (I can never have my cereal cold).


Keep Active
Physical activity can dramatically reduce your risk of developing heart disease and can also be a great tool to combat stress and even bond with the kids. Try and get your recommended 30 minutes per day, even if it’s a brisk walk around your neighbourhood.


Set Goals
Keep your heart healthy and happy by slowly changing your daily habits. Setting small goals like taking the stairs over the lift or cutting down on your weekly sugary treats, can all add up to improving your overall heart health.

And the greatest tip of all? START NOW! Your little ones need you at your best.


In South Africa, almost one in five children go to school without breakfast, which impacts directly on their concentration, education and their futures. With Kellogg’s Breakfast for Better Days Campaign, 25,000 of South Africa’s school children are receiving a balanced breakfast before school, every single school day. The Kellogg’s team will be serving breakfast to the children at Duduza Primary school, on March 16th, in an effort to changed their days and make an impact! For more information and to get involved, visit



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