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One of the blessings I count each day is being able to put food on the table for my children. Many South Africans simply don’t have this luxury, because the reality is that 1 in 5 children go to school without breakfast – a heart-breaking, harsh fact! When children do not start the day with a balanced breakfast, they are fatigued, lethargic and often struggle to concentrate, which can impact on their performance in educational lessons and on the sports field. A hungry child simply cannot perform at their full potential and enjoy some of the these benefits:




That is why Kellogg’s has embarked on the Breakfast For Better Days Initiative, which feeds 25 000 children breakfast every day, with your help!  Every time you buy a specially marked box of Kellogg’s cereal, you contribute one serving of breakfast. Since 2014, Kellogg’s has provided 13 million learners with breakfast every school day.


To spread the power of breakfast, I am giving away the Kellogg’s hamper below, as well as Kellogg’s laptop cover:

Giveaway hamper


To enter, simply leave a comment on this post, telling me why you enjoy sharing breakfast your little one.

For a bonus entry, share this post on social media and tag me:

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Entries close on Friday 6 May 2016. Winners will be notified via email. Only South African residents may enter.

If you would like to get more information on this campaign, visit http://www.kelloggs.co.za/en_ZA/bfbd.html


Good luck!!

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Really love sharing breakfast with my little 4 years old boy because we get to play around and experiment with different kinds of fruits toppings.You really don’t need sweet things to make your breakfast tasty and delicious.

  2. It’s a great way to start the day with a family moment together. We only get to have breakfast together on the weekends and so we make these times count!

  3. My children and I still stay at my home with my mom. Everyone helped me with the little one from the day we arrived from hospital and my 4 year old little boy felt neglected and I noticed. What helped was spending time with him when my little girl is sleeping. Fortunately she slept more in mornings so I would take my toddler for a bath and get him ready then we will sit together in the table and have breakfast together. Breakfast time helps me bond with my child it reminds me of the time he was still
    a baby and depended on me. I guess we love it when our kids know they can depend on us.

  4. We share breakfast every morning with the kids and I always tell them that breakfast is the most important meal of the day..cause I know that if they don’t eat breakfast then they won’t perform well at school. I also won’t concentrate at work..I love my family so much m and we meet when it breakfast cause we love one another???

  5. I have four daughters, age 2 to 18, my household is extremely busy, but one part of our day is sitting every morning at the table having our breakfast, it is the most important part of our day and most important meal of the day. Good Food, Good Family

  6. Breakfast is the most important meal of the the day having breakfast around the table together each day has made it meaningful time for our family to really connect bf the busy day begins

  7. It is the most special way to start any day – those few moments of sharing a meal together while the sun rises are moments to cherish. They help us get each other through the rest of the day. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is natural that we get our sustenance by eating nutritious healthy meals.
    I have also shared this on facebook as well as twitter 🙂 (@shanithatsme)

  8. Breakfast is me and my little one’s quality time as the house is quiet by then and it’s just us two. It is the most precious time for us and it makes my day, every day

  9. I love sitting down with my two girls weekend mornings, each a bowl of breakfast, bonding. I work full time, and they both go to creche ( they have breakfast at creche) so weekend mornings are special to us 🙂

  10. I enjoy sharing breakfast with my little ones because they are full of life and giggles with many stories to share with me.

  11. I love sharing breakfast with my little one because it’s the only time in a week day where we really get to chat about everything, she talks a lot and always changes what she wants to be when she grows up everyday. So its the best time where it’s just the two of us catching up on everything

  12. I enjoy spending time with my four year old daughter because its the most important meal of the day and we get to chat about what we going to do for the day.

  13. In the world we live in I am trying to raise my little one with the awareness of giving and helping those in need. My lil angel loves the idea that she is helping someone have breakfast just by eating hers which makes my breakfast mornings so much easier!

  14. IIt’s important to fil a childs stomach with something nutritional so that his brain is healthy to observe daily teachings.teachings.Kelloggs was and still is my favourite

  15. I love sitting with my girls and enjoying breakfast together cause it gives us a chance to start the day positively, full of energy and to always have a chance to say how much we appreciate each other.

  16. Having breakfast together as a family allows us to start off our day in prayer. It also allows us to encourage and motivate each other for the day ahead. Saturday breakfast are a big affair as we tend to have a full English breakfast. Sharing breakfast has strengthend our bond as a family.

  17. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having it with you kids allows you to bind and spend some quality time together. Shared on twitter my twitter handle is @b_balutto 🙂

  18. For children, who are rapidly growing and using tons of energy in their sleep, a fuel boost in the form of a full breakfast is especially important. A hearty meal before school means energy to get through classes, extra-curricular activities and having fun, too. Not only are breakfast foods easy to prepare, there is so much variety that even fussy eaters my kids are sure to enjoy. For example, children are sure to love wholemeal toast with bananas and peanut butter and it’s a great way to get much-needed dietary fibre. Wholegrain cereals in dazzling natural colours and shapes, when paired with milk, pack in tons of calcium for growing bones. Enjoying breakfast with kids is a great way to encourage them to adopt healthy eating patterns and habits. I have tweeted for an extra entry @rehanaseedat

  19. I love sharing breakfast with my little one because it gives us that time to bond as I am at work all day. i also love to watch his progress each day with his eating becoming more controlled and of course the glee on his face when I clap hands for the empty bowl!

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