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A friend of mine got me KEEDO-krazy about three years ago, when we had our daughters, who were born four months apart. She always raved about the quality and great deals at the end of season sales. Thanks to her, we became regular Keedo shoppers; so much so, that the staff at our local store know us quite well and are always quick to show my daughter the latest dresses.

A little bit about Keedo:

Keedo is a proudly south African brand, that needs no introduction – but if you are new to motherhood, it’s a brand you want to get to know. Their broad range of quality children’s clothing, ranging from birth – 7 years is what keeps me going back for more.

I love that they are always experimenting and keeping their eyes and ears on the ground, to produce quality items that are relevant to the South African market. It’s no surprise as Keedo garments are manufactured and designed in South Africa. Their diverse and African-inspired prints always stand out from the crowd and depict this.


Keedo; keedo kids; #KeedoCutie
Keedo Nostalgia Jumpsuit

As you walk into the store, you will be drawn by a dreamy aroma, coming from their scented sachet collection and linen sprays. The Keedo range doesn’t stop with clothing, they have a wide selection of books, toys, shoes and accessories.


keedo; keedo boys; keedo fashion; keedo kids; #KEEDOCuties

Keedo; #KeedoCuties; Keedo; kids

Everything a girl needs

As a mother to a feisty, fashion-loving three-year old, I love giving her some choice when it comes to the clothes she wears. On the day that we took our picture for the gender reveal of our soon-to-be new member of the family, she chose to wear this ruffle set which is now going for R199. With this set, she can choose whether she wants to wear it with the elasticated white tights, or as a dress only.



Through the use of natual soft fabrics, kids are comfortable on the playground and at any special occasion.


TIP: I like investing in pieces that I can mix and match, like a top with a few colours, that I could pair with different coloured leggings.


Keedo; #KeedoCuties; keedo kids;

Getting ready for my little man

I’ve often walked into the store and scanned the baby section, but now I can shop from there again!!

The fact that I know that we’re having a boy has made life so much easier, but I love the fact that Keedo has a large selection of items, including interesting textures and prints for boys, as well as gender neutral items. I love grey on babies – both my son and daughter wore lots of grey as babies and of course this influenced my choice of outfit for what my youngest son will go home in.


keedo; keedo boys; keedo fashion; keedo kids; #KEEDOCuties


Keedo; #KeedoCuties; keedo kids;

Whatever the season, Keedo always has something for us or friends, when we get baby shower and birthday vouchers. Their stock is available instore – find your local one here – or online.


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