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There are times, when I can’t believe that ‘ve been a mom for ten years – Johnson’s® has been part of my motherhood journey for all this time and even prior to that, as I was growing up. The yellow shampoo bottle is one that will always be iconic for me, as it takes me right back to my childhood and memories of helping my aunts bath my nieces and nephews.

I’ve recently been talking about the new and exciting changes happening with the Johnson’s® family over on my Instagram page and I’m excited to finally share details with you, as the new products launch instore. You may be just as curious as I was to find out what the main changes are.


After attending the re-launch, I really got to have a personal feel for all the changes and what they mean for us as moms with precious skin to take care of. Most of the changes felt significant to me, so this post will be quite detailed, as I would imagine some of you would want and appreciate as this information upfront.

So why the change and re-launch?

Johnson’s® has taken the gentle approach to everything – from product ingredients to packaging. Realizing that we would do anything and everything to protect our children, Johnson’s® listened to our feedback and concerns as parents and worked closely with researchers, paediatricians and dermatologists to test, produce and re-launch a range that will suit our modern world, our
environment and most importantly, our babies.

What’s new?

  • Gentler products that are free from dyes, parabens, phthalates, sulphates and alcohol
  • One-handed pumps
  • Simplified packaging and graphics Something that you will notice is that each of the products contains has an icon, to show us which products are best for at specific ages.
  • A new born range, called Johnson’s® cottontouch and so much more


Johnson’s® cottontouch (new born) range

Right now, everything is centred around babies for me. I’m curious about everything – how my new son will look, what name we will decide on and of course, I am hopeful about his health and well-being.

JOHNSON’S® cottontouch
Johnson’s® cottontouch is an ultra-gentle range that was created with delicate newborn skin in mind. It is made with real cotton (for its soft and gentle properties) and absorbs fast, without leaving a residue. Testing this for myself was something I prioritized, as I await the birth of my baby in the next few weeks. The smell just makes me wish that he was here already.

The range is diverse, and includes among others: Johnson’s® cottontouch 2-in-1 bath and wash, Johnson’s® face and body lotion and Johnson’s® cottontouch oil.

Just like the rest of the range, the cottontouch wipes are blended with real cotton and are mild enough for frequent use on newborn skin. And the other good news for us is that the new wipes have a lid, which you can close after each use.

Best for: newborn, sensitive skin


The formulas

This is one of the most important changes that have happened with Johnson’s®. They have used 50% fewer ingredients, which means, that only the best and necessary ones made the cut for the new formations.

The new formulations of the core range have over 90% naturally derived ingredients to minimize the
risk of allergies.

Something for every age and stage

Every stage and milestone in a child’s life will come with changes and Johnson’s® has considered this. The latest Johnson’s® ranges, are now categorized with icons to represent each of these stages, namely newborn, active baby, toddler + and the originals or legacy products that we’ve always known.




Active babies are constantly on the move and exploring the world around them. Establishing a routine becomes even more important, so this range, contains the soothing NaturalCalm essences to leave your baby feeling relaxed and able to sleep better.

As our children become toddlers and kids, they become more independent. However, because their skin is still developing, they need slightly more advanced products that will still offer the gentleness that their developing skins need.

This range includes the Gentle Protect kids bath which is formulated with honey, green tea and rooibos extract. The soft &shiny 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, as well as the soft & shiny spray which we love for detangling in our household. This range features some very cute characters on the packaging and of course, my princess loves the pink shampoo with a princess. The formulation is
enriched with argan oil for that extra moisture and smooth, healthy hair.


Lastly, most of the iconic Johnson’s® products we grew up with are here to stay – in their better and improved format. These include some of my favorites like the “yellow” baby shampoo, “pink” baby lotion, baby oils, the Top-To-Toe wash and the baby cologne’s. Just remember that dyes are no longer used, so the actual product is not coloured. However, the look of the packing and smell are simpler and gentler.

This experience and start of a new journey with the #JohnsonsMyMotherhood community is very exciting for me. Now that you know the products a bit better, I’ll be working closely with Johnson’s® to bring you regular updates and informative posts.

If you have any questions or views on the newbies, please do leave me a comment. Feel free to share this post on your favourite social media channel to spread the word.

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