Mommy In Business: Meet founder of hair care brand Indalo Care and stand a chance to win in our giveaway

Our hair is our crowning glory and for most African women, hair care is a love-hate relationship. Maintenance of healthy hair can become a daunting task at times, not to forget our infamous hairline anxiety!!! I caught up with a friend of mine, business woman, Noma Rebe-Dlomo, who is the founder of hair care brand, Indalo Care. I also have a wonderful Indalo Care package to giveaway, so keep reading.

Who is Noma, the woman behind Indalo Care?

I am a daughter of the almighty God, born and nurtured by my favourate people in the world Mr and Mrs Rebe a child of the EC soil, a sister and an aunt to my extended family, I’m a wife to my adorable husband Sikhumbuzo Dlomo and a mother to the most precious gift of life my 4 daughters. I’m a budding entrepreneur, a corporate citizen and a philanthropist at heart.

Tell us about Noma, the mom…

My sister always says motherhood comes so naturally to me! I love being a mom, to see a life evolving and going through milestones that will mold and groom them to be stable and confident beings. That is the role I play as parent, partaking in grooming and molding a life.

You started your business, Indalo Care, from your very own kitchen – can you tell us what inspired this business idea?

I’m a visionary and creative-creator. It was during the time of transitioning from chemicals to dreadlocks to naturally mantained hair that as I fell in love with my hair the more I looked and actually needed products that would help me maintain and grow healthy hair. When I couldn’t find what I was looking for I then decided to create it myself and in the space of 2 years I experimented with the aim of commercialising my ideas into a fully fledged hair care range that would provide a solution to many who prefer and need quality hair care products.



Why is it so important for moms and daughters to have a good hair regimen?

Most of us love healthy hair, so it is important to have a regime that will help one mantain a healthy state. The more you take care of your hair the beautiful and manageable it will be, leading to growth.

What 3 hair care tips can you give mothers who want to keep their daughters hair natural?

  • Be patient, natural hair is not the easiest to maintain,
  • Have a regime, give yourself time to do a proper wash and treatments (deep conditioning or protein) whether at home or at hair salons.
  • Handle hair with love and care, choose styles and products that will not be  harsh to your hair and scalp that will end up causing damage.

Which products do you offer under Indalo Care and what are the benefits?

Indalo Care Range and Prices


What plans do you have to get closer to your customers in 2016?

As part of my growth strategy I want to organize events that will help me to connect to my existing and potential clients. One of our values at Indalo is education. So I want to provide hair education and awareness to as many people through various platforms.

What do most African women not know about our hair?

We need to change the current hair narrative from homes to salons.  We have for many decades believed that to have nice hair it must be straightened, that our hair is almost impossible to maintain and manage and that we can do what ever style without considering the negative impact it might have on the hair and scalp.

How do you maintain the balance? You’re a wife, mother, business woman and corporate professional

I prioritize and it differs all the time depending on what is urgent or what needs more attention. There are things that are non-negotiable i.e. family and marriage time, gym and research time.

Does keeping your hair natural mean that you can’t wear weaves or braids?

No not at all, as long as it is responsibly installed and well maintained by keeping the hair moist.

Which foods can we incorporate into our family diets to improve the condition of our hair?

  • Lots of iron
  • Lots of water
  • High Protein

Lastly, what is your ultimate ambition?

To publish my book titled ‘The Missing Link’ and help contribute to the development and success of our country.

Indalo Product Range

To experience and order Indalo Care products, visit the Indalo Care page on Facebook.

To stand a chance to win one of three Indalo Care packages (containing a cleanser, conditioner, leave-in mist, shea butter cream, moisturising oil and strengthening oil), leave a comment in this post (above blog post title) telling me why you wish to receive an Indalo Care package.


For bonus entries, like and share Indalo Care info on our social media pages:

Twitter: @IndaloCare / @modernzulumom

Instagram: @IndaloCare / @modernzulumom

Facebook pages: search IndaloCare / Modern Zulu Mom


Good luck!! Entries close on 24 February 2016. Winners will be announced and contacted via email on by 25 February 2016. Giveaway open to South African residents only.


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. I am a natural girl, I have had natural hair for the last 3 years! Will tag you on some snaps on Instagram! One thing I am still struggling with though is finding the right products that will keep my hair soft & strong. Thats the reason why I would love to win the care package. ?

  2. I love Indalo care products, I use the moisturising mist and it just love my hair right back to health. Go Noma, you’re doing a great job!

  3. Wow what a wonderful read , sis’Noma is one of the powerful black women I look up too and she has played a vital role in my adult life. I am very happy to see her product Indalo Care grow so much.

    I have not used Indalo Care before and I have recently chopped my hair , I would love to win a set of the Indalo Care products to assist in my new healthy hair venture.

  4. Wow, its my first time to hear that theres a product specially created by our very own and a daughter of the most high God.

    Me and my 8 year old daughter we just started our journey to a chemical free natural hair. This came at a right time because we were still trying out different products that are on the market. It will be a blessing to win a hamper from Indalo and we will gladly testify in the next few months about this amazing product. I’m pretty sure that by then my hairline (njibhabha) will be back.

    Keep it up and may God stretch your tents.

  5. I believe I really should take better care of my hair. I have been ‘wearing’ my beautiful afro naturally for about 5 years now. My constant struggle has been getting it supple enough to style it myself without always having to go to the salon, as it is quite dry and breaks so much that daily tiny balls of hair strands come off (this is no exaggeration). I tried different products but it’s as though my hair just sucks up all the moisture. Eventually I resorted to cutting 3/4 of it last year. I’m growing it back but I worry that once again I have to deal with the dryness. So, I’m hoping that Indalo Care products will bring an end to that ongoing struggle.

  6. I would like to win the hamper because Im a mom to a 3 months old baby girl and I normally relax my hair. Now I want to cut the relaxed hair and start afresh naturally for my little girl. I know how a relaxer burns and dont want that on her as she will someday ask “mom why is your hair different from mine?” so I want her to grow up seeing no difference from her and her mother. This is just the best motivation for me to big chop.

  7. FINALLY!!!!! This is what I have been searching for…..
    I have been struggling to find products that will assist me with maintaining my natural hair for about 7 years now. I have literally tried everything,even some products from Zambia.
    I have a head full of very thick and extremely stubborn hair. My scalp is generally dry no matter how much I moisturise it therefore my hair is forever brittle,breaks and difficult to comb and style. I’m also getting married on the 29th October and I’m planning to embrace my natural hair on the day.
    I also have a 10 month old daughter, we cut her 1st locks a week ago and I definitely want her to go natural until she is old enough to decide how she wants to keep her hair. She so far seems to have inherited my hair texture etc. It would be awesome to start treating her hair with these awesome products now.
    PLEASE allow my daughter and I to experience these Proudly South African Indalo care hair products…
    My hair needs serious deliverance…. I really need this!

    Please also let me know where i can purchase Indalo Care products.


  8. Oh Wow great stuff.
    My first time hearing about this product, I like the fact that it was founded by a woman and executed the idea into what it is now.
    I’d love to win this hamper to explore new things and obviously write a good blog about it.
    Job well done

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