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Hot Wheels Track; Hot Wheels South Africa

Is your little man or lady as crazy over Hot Wheels as my guy is? I’ve actually lost count of how many Hot Wheels we have in his collection. He’s always obsessing about the latest collection and at the moment all his attention is on the Colour-Shifter, which changes colour when you dunk it in water. Warm water changes the colour and icy water changes it back, it’s the coolest thing!





Hot Wheels Essentials are the must-haves for a start-up collection or to add to an existing one. These unique vehicles have been an enduring favorite of collectors, car enthusiast and racing fans of all ages. They are available in a 1, 5 or 10 pack.

The 1 pack comes with 3 Hot Wheels vehicles in a variety of themes and colours.

The Hot Wheels Basic 5 Pack is made up of authentic sports cars with exciting colours and eye-catching details. Each pack is an instant collection that offers five times the amped-up action!

The Basic car 10 Pack allows you to choose from a wide variety of vehicles, ranging from sleek sports cars to exotic race cars and popular roadsters.



I find these packs to make awesome birthday party presents. Thank me later 🙂


Some ideas to keep your child busy with their Hot Wheels in the upcoming school holidays:


Trade or swap cars with cousins and friends, I remember trading all sorts of toys with friends at school and it was always fun. As you’ll see in the picture below, we have some duplicates in our collection so it’s a perfect idea for that.

Enhance your child’s creative skills and get them to build their own track for their Hot Wheels – using anything from paint to coloured paper to boxes.

Spend time outside “at the car wash”, cleaning their cars. They’ll learn the important life skill of taking care of their things.

Get your pre-schooler to organise their Hot Wheels according to their different colours to build cognitive skills in a fun way.




Of course I would love to give you a chance to experience the awesomeness of Hot Wheels by giving you a chance to win a set of Hot Wheels die-cast cars and a track. Simply comment on this post, telling me what you and/or your child love most about Hot Wheels.


Hot Wheels Track; Hot Wheels South Africa



Entries close on Wednesday 21 September 2016

Winners will be notified by email

Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash

This giveaway is open to South African residents only




Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. My four-year-old daughter loves that they can fit in her pocket, plus she loves that during holiday camp days at school the boys don;t care that she is a girl when she brings her cars. She also loves the bright colours so she will be beside herself when I tell her about the Colour-Shifter cars which we didn’t know about!

  2. My darling 4-year-old son, & now his 2-year old sister, are Hot Wheels super-fanatics! The collection is growing far too quickly than space allows. My sonshine simply loves that he can name them, & is always coming to me asking, “Mummy, what car is this?”

  3. My son of 13 loves hot wheel cars. He’s got quite a collection over the years. My baby of 3 has also starting playing with them. I love them as they’re good quality and last. I can definitely pass on my oldest son’s cars to my little one

  4. My daughter knows her revs and gets excited when she hears the purr of an engine. She gets that from her dad who sheds a tear when he sees a classic car on TV. Talk about sentimental! So gifting her with these iconic toy for her upcoming 13th birthday would be a treat. She is not your typical tomboy I might add as she told me she would be driving her Mustang in heels darling! So please wave that magical wand dearest Modern Zulu Mom( love that name)? My Motörhead princess would go vroom vroom for sure!
    P.S loved you in Facebook

  5. Both my girls into cars!! So them being obsessed with hot wheels is a no brainer. The girls love hot wheels cause ‘they super fast mom and did you see how they go through the loops’ I love them cause it gives Mom some time to do her own stuff while they obsessed with the track 🙂

  6. These cars are classics, and because of their exceptional quality, they have been around for years! I loved playing with cars growing up, and think Hotwheels are products which are targeted to either gender which is great! They are prefect for small hands, and my little boy has just started to show an interest in them, cant wait to start growing his collection

  7. My son simply loves all the different kinds of cars and races them against each other. I love them because they are strong and durable. My little one even haas old cars from his brothers that have held up very well after 9 years!

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