Keeping your family cool and safe on hot summer days

We’re enjoying really warm temperatures in South Africa lately, with a heat wave here and there. This means that we have to take extra precaution when our children are out in the sun.

Here are some tips for keeping your family cool and safe in the heat:


  • Drink lots of liquids such as water, home-made ice tea and fresh fruit juice
  • Keep all windows and doors open during the day, if it is safe to do so. Closing blinds and curtains may also leave the room a lot cooler
  • Get lots of rest – encourage naps to give the kids a break from all the festive and playtime activities
  • Take a cool bath before bedtime
  • Wear light clothes during the day and at bedtime


  • Stay hydrated – take water bottles with you when you leave the house
  • Ensure that everyone has a hat, cap and sunscreen. Our dark skin needs to be protected in the sun at all times too.
  • Sit and walk in shaded areas whenever you can. Arrive early to get the right picnic and play spots outdoors.
  • Swimming is always fun for the kids – ensure that there is always an adult to supervise any water activity and use a pool net whenever the pool is not in use (not negotiable).
  • If you have make long drives, try to travel during cooler times of the day. I.e. early mornings or at sunset

NB: Never leave your children unsupervised in a parked car – cars heat up very quickly and this is extremely dangerous!!

Have a blessed and safe holiday

Modern Zulu Mom


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