Get out and play!!!

My word, the kids of today are missing out on some seriousssssss fun. Growing up in Soweto, absolutely nothing came close to the amount of fun we would have during weekends and school holidays! All the cousins and those of friends would come to Gogo’s for the mischief (and love). We would voluntarily sleep on mattresses in the lounge, wake up, have umdogo (porridge), eagerly do our chores so we could get to the fun part, bath and then run out the house… for the day :)!!!

Nowadays, we live in more urban areas where children are locked up behind high walls and spend their days in front of the television *sigh*. I definitely do think we need to try and spend more time outdoors exploring and playing with our children, letting them be children.

Anyway, here are some things that we enjoy doing outdoors that you can try:

  • Visiting the Lion Park in Lanseria, Gauteng. He is absolutely obsessed with Lions and crocodiles
  • Visiting indoor/outdoor play areas and restaurants like Rumble Jungle (Johannesburg South) or Smile Café (Johannesburg North)
  • Visiting the Zoo or having a picnic at a local park. One of our best memories is being chased by savaging ducks for our loaf of bread at zoo lake. We were so scared… I think I displayed some bad parenting tendencies, I slightly recall running ahead of him to protect myself first, ooops!
  • Taking the Gautrain to the airport and watching planes land and take-off from the viewing deck

I try to encourage my son to play outside as often as I can, although I’m guilty of suggesting that he watches a DVD when I’m working from home (or just trying to have a few minutes to myself J). I’m grateful for the fact that my mother still resides in the township home I grew up in, so he gets a washed-down glimpse of the way that I grew up.

What are your favourite outdoor activities?

Modern Zulu Mom

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