Introducing Future Nation Schools

I’ll never forget how challenging it was to find a school for my little man – after three years of endless applications, we still had not secured a school for him six months before he was due to start grade 1.

Before making any school application, it is important to consider the kind of school that you want your child to attend and the future impact it will have on them. So much goes into making that decision – from curriculum and location, right down to culture.

I believe that a child’s foundation starts in the home (love, behaviour, language, etc.) but as they grow, they spend less time confined to the home and exist in a bigger community and society. Many of those hours, being spent at school. With South Africa facing many challenges in our educational system, I am pleased whenever I discover progressive schooling organisations that are committed to ensuring that there is alignment between what is taught at school and what would be experienced in real-life. Future Nation Schools is one such school group – this new “kid on the block” presents a new model of education that is futuristic, technology-enabled and epitomizes excellence in Africa.


Future Nations School


With pre and primary school locations in three different regions in Johannesburg (Randburg, Lyndhurst and Fleurhof) the school enables parents and children to access affordable private education that is tailored to suit students with a wide range of abilities and learning needs.

Future Nation Schools is governed by the CAPS national curriculum, but they have created a distinctive project-based learning approach. This learning methodology is about engaging all senses of a child, by allowing them to experience how the theory they are taught is applied in the real world. As an example, students will have projects to plan, design, present or share, in preparation to solve problems that they see in and around their own community. The use of Project-Based Learning also allows for the development of a wide range of skills, such as time management, collaboration, and problem solving that students will need at college, university and in the workplace.


Future Nations School

Other features:

• Offering pre-school (Montessori teaching model) and primary and secondary education
• A wide range of extra mural options, Including sports, e-gaming, music, theater and community service
• Preparing students to live and work in a modern, ever-changing and global environment
• A strong focus on innovation and entrepreneurship


Future Nations School


Like me, you may be wondering about the history of the school, since its new; isn’t it comforting to know that Future Nation Schools was founded by two well-established, experienced and dynamic business leaders, Mr Sizwe Nxasana and Dr Judy Dlamini? Their credibility and achievements in the business and schooling realm speak for themselves, with Mr Nxasana serving as a chairperson in educational institutions such as the National Education Collaboration Trust and also chairman of NSFAS.  This is a school to watch out for!

Future Nation Schools are located in the following areas:
• Randburg
• Lyndhurst
• Fleurhof

Limited space available for 2018. Visit the website and apply here


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  1. Here I was busy looking for best school with best educational curriculum for my kids. Then being thinking of you whether you have posted about such topic before, I had to go through your old posts until I get this. Very helpful Thando. Thank you, all I wish for is if we had one in Midrand.

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