Five ways to boost your creativity

Five ways to boost your creativity

I consider myself to be a creative person, but ever so often, I get stuck in a slump, which can be so frustrating, because I feel so good whenever I’m creating and being creative – whether at work or with my blog. Being creative helps me unwind and gives me something positive to focus on when life’s stressful moments happen.

In this post I’ve summarized five ways to boost your creativity.

Write things down

Set aside some quiet thinking time – diarize it if you have to. Doing a “brain dump” every other day, where you sit in silence and jot down your big thoughts and ideas down on paper, works wonders when you need to boost your creativity.

Write down all the random thoughts and ideas that go through your mind, without overthinking and judging them. Avoid thinking thoughts like “that will never work” – simply focus on noting them. You would be surprised by what you come up with.

Get as creative and bold as you’d like by using different colours, drawings and pens. Why not start a blog? Read my post on how to get started with blogging here.

Collaborate with others

Networking and collaboration will never get old in my view. Whether you are a content creator, business or employee, we all have something to learn from others. Find people that you trust and feel safe around, then share your ideas with them. It’s an opportunity to gain great feedback and learn. Bounce your ideas off others and look for opportunities to collaborate with them for your mutual benefit and that extra creative boost.

Make time to rest

Disconnecting is a powerful way to boost your creativity. Take regular breaks and spend time away from your computer or phone often. For a lot of us, great ideas come when we are truly relaxed.

If you need to be around your workspace often (like working from home), keep your work area clean and tidy.

Spend time offline, in the sun and outside as much as you can. Play with your kids and listen to their ideas – you’ll be amazed at how much they can inspire you! Resting will improve your mood, productivity and creativity all-round.

Embrace failure

I love the concept of “failing-forward”, which simply means that you use your mistakes and failures as leverage to do better next time. Learning through experiences and

When we are willing to try new things (sometimes with some risk), we start feeling more confident to try the things that scared us before. Before you know it, you will be so much further on your goals. Trust me, people aren’t judging you as hard as you are judging yourself.

Identify what fuels your creativity

Try different approaches until you clearly identity what boosts your creativity – it could be taking a walk, listening to music or a podcast, painting, cleaning, browsing through Pinterest. Whatever it is, make time to do more of it.

Notice the time of the day when you feel most creative and productive and set that aside for whatever creative projects you need to try, because you will be most energized. For me, that is my evenings!

Creativity is contagious – you just need to give yourself the time and space to boost and make the most of it.

What works best for boosting your creativity? Would love to know.

Modern Zulu Mom

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