Fashion Fix with EXACT clothing

My little man has always loved his fashion – although lately, he seems to prefer being in just his shorts due to his “4-pack”. From 3 years old, he already had good idea of what constitutes a great ensemble, he would beg me to buy him ties and belts.

So with all the pressure to be dressed like a King, it’s assuring to find stores such as EXACT, who cater for modern South African families, with their clothing, footwear and accessories from women, men and children aged between 3 – 12 years. I personally don’t go big (on price) when it comes to children’s clothes, they grow up too fast for that, so I really appreciate the stores that accommodate parents in that regard.

This past Saturday, we stayed home (we do that a lot now, I think we’re still all obsessed with our new home) and had some fun playing in some funky clothes from EXACT.







*Lesedi is wearing jeans and a sweatshirt from Exact. Shoes and shirt are our own*


Other items on sale at Exact:





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Photography by Victoria Black

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Before we get to the kids, I want to say how cool are those backpacks though??? I think I need one of each . As a mother of boys I am always looking for suitable fashion for them to wear, so I really the look of this will be check it out

  2. Hey, got a link to your blog yesterday (that’s one happy kid I see here 🙂

    I love the design you have with your blog. And even better, your writing complements it extremely well, Kudos!

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