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Dr.Oetker pizza; #LunchBoxWars

So it’s been an interesting and chaotic week, not only are we still trying to get back into the school routine, but we have also been without our heroic nanny this week, because she has had to take a few days off to attend to a family emergency.

If I’m honest, I really suck at managing my own household, she’s really the glue that holds us together. I battle to leave the house on time (almost every day) and Lesedi often comes upstairs to give me the evil eye every other minute. Now that Khumo has started play school, I’m up 30 minutes earlier each morning, so that I can do both school drop-offs, work a full day and try to be home before 6pm to help with homework and prepare dinner for the family.

Wanna know what I do when I’m in crisis? I stop striving for perfection and just wing it! I might not have a nanny this week, but I have an amazing wing-man by my side called Dr. Oetker Ital Pizza to survive the rush! The timing of our press pack delivery was impeccable! Lesedi and I started exploring and making mini pizzas right away and the experience made for great bonding while his sister took a nap. When she woke up, lunch was served!



You will be happy to know that the popular and much-loved pizza range is now available in the quick and easy-to-make pizza slices or mini pizzas, both AFFORDABLE and delicious for quick snacks, lunch boxes and light meals! There is nothing worse than wasting food and in my experience, children just do not seem to get that! I think Ital Pizza has nailed it here, with the perfect solution for families to prepare only the amount of food they need.

I’m looking forward to mixing up and having fun with our lunchboxes and after-school meals.





Here is what Monday’s lunchbox looked like…




What’s in your lunchboxes?

Dr Oetker SA is running a competition for you to win a share of R 100 000 towards your child’s 2018 school fees. To win, simply purchase Ital Pizza Slices or Ital Mini Pizzas, take a selfie with your pizza and share it on Facebook with @Dr.OetkerSA.

Not a chance to be missed! Gooooood luck!


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