{Recipe} DOUGHNUT worry, be happy!


Baking has become a new outlet for me, whenever I’m slightly worried or stressed out. It has helped me to channel negative energy into something deliciously positive!

Doughnuts are an instant pick-me-up, both from a taste and baking perspective – so I’m sharing my latest Royal Baking Powder-inspired eggless doughnut recipe in this post, alongside my tips for turning your worry to wonder!


Donut Worry

Tips to help you worry less:

  • Start journaling to get your fears and goals on paper, you will notice them starting to feel less intimidating or nerve-wracking. Create a step-by-step plan to tackle the big/important stuff first then work your way through your list. Remember to ask for help if you need to, as moms, we are particularly bad at this.
  • Worried about a big meeting? Preparation and practice key – do your research and gather as much information as you need to help you feel well prepared. Ask a colleague or friend to help you with a dry-run.
  • Lots on your plate? Write a to-do list that will help you remember the priorities that you need to get through on busy day.
  • Unexpected things can always come up and some of them can steal our joy very quickly, especially if it has financial implications. Start saving towards an emergency fund and if possible, make sure you can’t see it on your internet banking profile because that can be tempting (I’ve fallen into this trap before).
  • Do more of the things you love – in stressful times, try to fit in a few of the things that relax you and that you love like reading, attending an exercise class and baking! If you’re like me and you often crave doughnuts, but the quickest doughnut shop is on the other side of town, worry no more! You can now make your own in just 15 minutes.


Donut Worry Be Happy


Can you beleive that this was my first attempt at making donughts? This recipe is quick and easy – it will give you about 9 large doughnuts. I found the doughnut ring at a baking shop for under R50.

This time it was a mom-and-son initiative, he chose to spend the time for his study-break to help me in the kitchen. If you missed my daughter and I’s Nutella and banana muffin recipe, you can catch it here



Eggless doughnuts

If you make this recipe, please take a picture and it on the Royal Baking Powder Facebook page @RoyalBakingPowderSA and #GetItRighwithRoyal.


Let me know how it goes!


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. You had me at doughnuts!!! And I wonder why I can’t lose weight 😆

    We shall definitely be trying this before the school holidays are over. I shall attempt a baked version of it

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