Becoming a mom shouldn’t mean that you lose yourself

So you step into this crazy world of parenting and it’s a journey like you’ve never imagined. It can take a year or two to adjust to the new schedule, demands, joys and challenges. BUT some of us get trapped into a one-dimensional mind-set when we become mothers. Your baby is special and deserves every greatest thing there is to give them, but part of loving them the best way you can, requires you to love yourself the best way you can too. It’s the women who lead full lives that make better, happier mothers. Spending time by yourself, with your partner, your family and people your own age for a change is part of that process. To get the emotional support you need and confidence to tackle other aspects of life requires you to extend yourself outside of your baby’s nursery.

Here are some ideas to get you started – Start small and go with what feels most comfortable:

  • Start an exercise routine: getting out for some air or an hour of sweating at the gym gives you a chance to clear your head and to feel good about yourself again. A lot of moms feel insecure about umkhaba (big tummy/the pooch) so this is a good start to get your confidence back.
  • Host a group of friends or mommies at your house (if youdon’t  feel comfortable leaving the house at first) or arrange a brunch somewhere outdoors. Make time for the friends that were there for you before you had a baby, as well as your new mommy friends.
  • Organise a fun date night with your man. Get him a small gift and dress up to make him feel appreciated. Plan regular double dates with friends. How about a romantic weekend away? Okay okay, just one night.
  • This is the perfect time to set new goals for your career. Do you want to study part time? Work less hours? Get more responsibility and expand your portfolio? Change careers? The possibilities are there, you just need to plan and start making small steps towards those plans.
  • Save up for a solo spa day and spend the morning or afternoon laying by the pool and catching up on some reading.

Your responsibilities and priorities change significantly when you become a mom, but deserve to have some YOU-time and enjoy other aspects of life just as much (or more) than you did before. 

Modern Zulu Mom

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