Disney Emoji Toy Review

Have you ever not have words to say something but had the perfect emojis? … Happens all the time right?!

When words fail us, emoji’s are a fun and effective way to communicate and express ourselves. Disney has now made it possible for our children to start interacting and expressing themselves (safely) through a range of fun emoji toys, from our favourite characters of ALL TIME!

I had the opportunity to introduce my little ones to the new Disney Emoji’s and here is their first reaction:



There’s no doubt that at times, emoji’s say it best and our favorite Disney characters can now ‘do the talking’ with their plush toys, figurines, chat bubbles and chat-packs. They are cute, funky and compact enough to be taken anywhere. I can totally see them being the next craze on the toy-scene, my kids love seeing emoji’s on their tablet and seeing them come to life is exciting!


Amidst all the fun elements of the Disney emoji’s, lies the opportunity to use them to start having fun, yet crucial conversations with your children about expressing themselves and their emotions. They can be a great tool/ice-breaker to show and teach your child about what emotions mean and how to express them.



Secondly, how about sharpening those social skills? Along the way, they may want to start negotiating and swapping the Disney emoji collectable-items with their friends and that may not come easy. Negotiation and compromise are key skills you can start building from a young age.

When you’re small, emotions are complex to navigate or verbalize and that’s where having a familiar Disney character emoji can come in! It’s important to find the space and fun tools to allow the littles ones to process their feelings comfortably and freely! With 20 fun expressions in the Disney Emoji Swapsies range, they can swap their expressions to suit their mood!


So what is in the Disney Emoji toy range?


  • Disney Emoji Plush Toy
  • Disney Emoji Chatties
  • Emoji Swapsies
  • Emoji Chat Bubbles
  • Disney Emoji Mash’ems Mystery Figurines


The Disney Emoji toys will be available at leading retail outlets from 1 November 2017.


Disney Emoji Toys


BONUS: If you’re like me and frequently look for new apps for the kids to try, you can now download the Disney Emoji Blitz game on Andriod  and Apple


Disney Emoji Toys

I love this quote by LR Knost “don’t forget to bring your funny bone along your parenting journey. Humour is a universal language that topples walls, connects hearts, and opens the door to communication and cooperation


Well done to the Disney team for the “rebirth” of our favourite characters! Visit the Disney website for all the latest Disney activities and news.

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