Protecting your family against germs and flu this winter + Giveaway

Having spent the last three weeks in-and-out of the Doctors office with Khumo, I regret not starting the pre-winter season with some healthier habits in-and-around our home. She started off with a cold, then developed nasal drip, with symptoms that worsened every night. Of course, one never wants to rush to the doctor for every single symptom, but after a few days of endless nose-blowing, coughing and a fever, something had to be done. It’s only over the last two nights that we’ve seen a significant improvement. I’m exhausted to my core!
I know that its impossible to fully control the spread of germs, especially if your little ones go to school (the biggest GermFest), but there are a few SIMPLE habits you can adopt and make a part of your daily hygiene routine. These are things we all know, but often take for granted until you’ve spent a few days fighting off an illness. I’ve put together three tips, in collaboration with Dettol to keep you and your family on track this winter, PLUS there is an awesome giveaway up for grabs. I grew up with Dettol being used in our home – back then, it was a prized-possession because we couldn’t afford to use it in our daily bath. We would get a few drops added to our bath water when we were VERY dirty! It’s something I can laugh about now and it brings fond memories of my simple childhood. As a Mom, it’s a product I still trust and love.

The single most effective way to stop the spread of diseases is also the simplest, wash your hands!

Regular handwashing –  before and after handling food, before eating, and after coughing, sneezing or using the toilet – helps to prevent you from picking up cold and flu viruses. Adults are good at this, but our kids aren’t always as conscious as we are. This is something I’m still trying to drill into my oldest, even after all this time. He’s a growing boy and it’s normal to forget or take short cuts sometimes. Seeing his sister sick was also heartbreaking for him, being the sweet little guy he is, and of course I didn’t miss the opportunity to remind him about germs and the importance of hand-washing.  

TIP:  Printing and laminating a reminder / cool picture / reward chart that they will love, could be a great motivator to kick in this habit. 

detail hand washing
It’s important to wash your hands properly, by using soap to remove more bacteria and lather your hands for at least 20 seconds, before rinsing and drying your hands thoroughly – preferably with disposable paper towels. Alternatively, carry disinfectant wipes and/or hand sanitiser and use it. Wet wipes remain a moms best friend, I keep a stash everywhere – work desk, hand bag, car, you name it! Getting your family into this one important habit could go a long way to keeping them illness-free this winter. 
Dettol wipes

Regularly clean and disinfect surfaces…

Particularly those that are frequently touched, such as taps, door handles, light switches and screens. With siblings, this is even harder because they tend to share a lot of things, like tablets, snack bowls, remote controls and sometimes a bed. I have a game for each child downloaded on my phone, so we definitely exchange many germs between us. 
Other germ hotspots:
  • Pets bowls
  • Stuffed animals
  • Handtowels
  • Shopping bags/trolleys
  • Bathroom sink, tub and toilet, especially after someone in your family has been ill.


Dettol Kitchen cleaner


Practice good food hygiene

According to NFS International, some of the “germiest” items around the house include chopping boards, kitchen counters, kitchen sinks and dish sponges.  Clean and disinfect these items using products such as Dettol’s disinfectant spray.
  • Keep your fridge at the right temperature, and ensure that all cooked foods are sufficiently heated and cooked through.
  • Stock up on citrus fruit to increase your Vitamin C intake
  • Get yourself and the little ones a good multi-vitamin


Giveaway details:

To kick start your journey into full-on germ protection, I’m giving away one Dettol hamper, filled with all the products that will to safeguard the health of your family this winter. 

dettol giveaway

To enter, leave me a comment on this blog post or on my Dettol social media posts, letting me know what your favourite Dettol product is.

Giveaway rules:

• Entries close on 25 June 2018
• Winners will be notified by email
• Prize is not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash.
• This giveaway is open to South African residents only


Good luck!

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. In-fact i have three of my favourites you can say i am a germ-a-phobia; Personal Care Wipes; Instant Hand Sanitizer and last but not least Dettol Nourishing Bath Soap with natural olive and almond; if i don’t get one of the three eish i will be in trouble:) when i get home. And i think i must get one of those disinfectant kitchen cleaner i always wipe my kitchen top with sunlight liquid soap i will definitely add that to my list. Great blog…

  2. I love the dettol liquid hand soap, we always keep a bottle near the sink in the kitchen and have tried to teach my toddler to always wash hands, we try teach by example, so he sees us washing and he follows suit!

  3. I absolutely love the Dettol liquid hand soap. With 2 kids, I want to make sure their hands are clean especially when they get home from aftercare etc. I also love the Dettol hand sanitizer.. I always keep a small one in my handbag for those emergencies 🙂

  4. I love all Dettol products but my favourite of all is the Dettol Antiseptic liquid I put a drop of it in water before my kids take a bath and I feel assured that they are protected from all sorts of germs that can give them diseases.

  5. im inlove with the dettol even tone soap for thr first time using it saw a major difference in my skun tone and also the dark patch of skin between my thighs started to fade so i have been using it ever since.and the luquid hand wash we started using since my sister has a new born we need to be careful .

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