Dear Mama, YOU are good enough


Our current era of information-overload and social media consumption is fun, informative and life-changing for networking and building relationships, but it can be derailing and distracting at times. I’ve noticed that if I personally spend too much time consuming external “stuff”, I lose track of my own goals, confidence and plans. I start subtly measuring myself against other moms who seem to be handling things sooo much better than I am. It’s that thing that happens when you take the inspiration one-step-too-far. 

If I’m honest, those who haven’t read my blog over the years and just see the pictures I post on social media, probably think I’m totally rocking the mom-life and that everything comes easily to me, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. I strive to be authentic and share some of my not-so-great moments in motherhood. The fact that I love posting pretty pictures, doesn’t mean that every experience in my life is pretty! This goes for most people but it’s important for me to say and write about it, because I’ve had many personal struggles along my parenting journey, such as battling postnatal depression, realizing that juggling two kids is harder than I thought and helping my child cope with grief   (if you haven’t already read these stories, you can catch up). Real life happens and it’s in those moments that you feel most vulnerable and alone, especially if those around you are aren’t necessarily having the same experiences. There were moments when I questioned whether I was good enough and worthy of my beautiful kids. To this day, I struggle with balancing work and family life. My mom-guilt isn’t going away any time soon, but it can’t be the end of me. 

The intention of this post is to remind you that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH, as you are. 

You are a great mother and will always be. 

We all have struggles and pain. 

We all have those days when parenting is so freakin difficult that you want to run away from it all. 

When you are feeling down or overwhelmed, do what is necessary to gather yourself again and put yourself first in those moments. Get off your phone and reboot your OWN thinking, ideas and goals. Forget about what other people/moms are doing. Ask yourself what actions YOU need to take to get yourself in a positive zone again. 

We can’t get away from our busy lifestyles and social media, but one can always keep a real perspective and have honest internal reflections and thoughts (I always say you can lie to everyone but not yourself, those thoughts will stalk you). You’re the only one who knows your truth. 

Consume pretty social media feeds (I’m a sucker for them) and claims of perfect motherhood, but don’t use that as ammunition to judge and criticize yourself and how you parent differently to others. 


dear mama

Know that you are good enough Mama. 

Really needed to get that off my chest! 



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. I recently discovered your blog and i am loving every post i go through! This specific post has left me emotional because of the authenticity and vulnerability that we as moms tend to think is unique to us… To find it in truth in another mom and the confirmation and affirmation that your best is good enough is reassuring and inspiring!
    Thank you…

    1. Thank you so much Mama, I appreciate your comment. That vulnerability is definitely not unique to a select few, we are experience similar emotions and trials. Thank you again!

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