Chocolate Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cake

Today is National Cake Day and you can count on me to celebrate it – I have a delicious and easy chocolate cake recipe to share!

Over the last few months, I’ve been doing quite a lot of experimenting with Royal Baking Powder and I have loved seeing my baking confidence grow. Of course, it’s the star ingredient in this recipe too!

I will always have a weakness for moist chocolate cakes, by now, its no secret that I have a sweet tooth! My mom tells me I’ve been a fan since I first tasted one and that it was my first choice for all my birthday parties.


chocolate cake; #GetItRightWithRoyal

How to make your chocolate cake with icing:

Chocolate Cake; recipe; #GetItRightWithRpyal

My girl and I sat down for a princess tea party afterwards. She’s definitely taken on my love of chocolate and cake!


What will you be making this #NationalCakeDay? I would love to see your recipes, please tag me and #GetItRightWithRoyal on social media if you try this one!


Chocolate Cake; #GetItRightWithRoyal

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