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Children's Bathroom

Designing my children’s bathroom has been one of the most exciting parts of our very stressful building project, which has spanned almost 18 months.

I’m very excited to be collaborating with CTM to put my children’s bathroom together and in a few weeks, I will be sharing the final result with you. Since it’s still work-in-progress, I thought I would share tips from my shopping experience as well as some ideas for putting a children’s bathroom together.

In our previous home, I didn’t put any effort into personalising their bathroom for them, but this time around, I have been looking for inspiration to make their bathroom, a practical yet fun space and I hope this will be helpful for you too.

Here is what I think you should condier when putting your children’s bathroom together:

Choose neutral colours

In terms of the tiles and main features, I would suggest the use of natural tones in your children’s bathroom; especially if your children will be sharing a bathroom, as my daughter and youngest son will be doing. Neutral tones will allow you to keep a bathroom classic for several years to come and as your children grow through different life stages – baby, toddler, tween, teenager and young adult.

Keeping your colours neutral will also mean that you will have:

• Flexibility to play around with decorations and accessories to make it bold and child-friendly when they are much younger
• A bathroom that is aesthetically appealing to both parents and children
• A bathroom that won’t put off potential house buyers in future

Children's bathroom


We have chosen grey and white as the primary tile colours for our new children’s bathroom and have included touches of beige for storage units. We visited the Strijdom Park CTM store, where the Pule (store manager) and Nomsa were exceptionally helpful and gave us lots of advice when it came to selecting the right tile combinations. I learnt not to shy away from using different textures and tones to break up the different areas of the bathroom. It took two visits to the store to finally decide on which tiles and accessories to get. When everything looks beautiful, the process can feel overwhelming!



On my second trip (without the kids), I finally settled on a beautiful light grey floor tile and white wall tile. I’m currently very obsessed with grey and I feel like white will be a classic forever. For the shower wall feature, we went with a porcelain mosaic which adds a modern feel to the room. I really can’t wait to show you what it looks like!

Children's bathroom

Play with colourful accessories

Remember, children seek excitement in everything they do, so you want to use colour to bring life into your children’s bathroom. Think colourful floor mats, rubber ducks, and laundry baskets. This is the part when you can be as creative as you want to be and allow their personalities to shine through as well. If you know your children love a specific cartoon character, you can get some character towels, bath washes and accessories. Playing around with colourful accessories will enable you to bring lots of fun and colour, without compromising your neutral tones, so it’s a win-win.

Childrens bathroom

Childrens bathroom


We are all ruled by this 6-letter word aren’t we?! My top tip where budget is concerned is to look out for specials and stores with every kind of shopper in mind. We have all felt the effect of price increases of late, so I would highly recommend that you look around for specials and give yourself enough time to do adequate exploring. When you shop in a rush, you can easily find yourself being pressured to spend more. I was surprised to find some gems for big brother’s bathroom in the CTM clearance section!


Again, I think keeping the children’s bathroom choices simple and budget-friendly, will enable you to play around with colour and accessories.

Be as practical as possible:

Remember that this bathroom will be your children’s space and it thus has to be user-friendly and practical for them and not just appealing to us as parents. I would suggest that you consider:

• Plenty storage for all their ‘stuff’. My daughter loves her toy ducks, dolls and beach buckets
• Foot stools if they can’t reach the toilet or sink.
• Keeping all toxic liquids away from reach
• Choosing non-slippery tiles

Children's bathroom

Children's bathroom


Just for a bit of fun – here is my short bathroom shopping video.



I’m so thankful to the CTM team for all the guidance on my children’s bathroom. Follow the CTM South Africa Facebook page for more details on specials and tips or shop your bathroom range here.

Have you done a children’s bathroom before? If so, please do share your tips in the comments.

Cant wait to share the progress with you.


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Loved the practical advice in this video. Thank you for sharing your experience so far. Looking forward to reading more as you continue with this journey.

    All the best!

    1. Thank you Kimmy. I can’t wait to see how the children’s bathrooms will turn out. I’ll definitely be sharing.

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