JOHNSON’S® Baby Re-launch


There are times, when I can’t believe that ‘ve been a mom for ten years – Johnson’s® has been part of my motherhood journey for all this time and even prior to that, as I was growing up. The yellow shampoo bottle is one that will always be iconic for me, as it takes me right back […]

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Managing a difficult pregnancy

Difficult pregnancy

I’m in the third trimester of my third pregnancy, so I know how strenous a difficult pregnancy can be on a mom. Firstly, admitting that you’re struggling with your pregnancy does not make you ungrateful and neither does it make you a bad mother. Acknowledging a difficult pregnancy can be a challenging thing, so much […]

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Princess K’s Ballerina Party

We recently celebrated the princess of our castle with a ballerina party. She had been asking and talking about her third birthday party for almost six months prior to her birthday. My brief was that it had to be pink, with balloons and cake (with fire, aka candles) – easy enough right? This being the first […]

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Help your child to study

I can’t believe that we’re approaching the last day of the first term in the 2019 academic year! This means that the winter exam season awaits us in a few weeks (spoiler-alert). This time last year, I remember being overwhelmed with my son’s transition between grade three and grade four. Then, just as I got into […]

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Pregnancy – Baby Number Three

My family is growing and I’m so excited and grateful for my pregnancy with baby number three! I am also really grateful for all the love on my pregnancy announcement post, which I was initially very skeptical about. If you have been following my blog for a while, you will know that I didn’t share or announce my […]

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Moving your toddler into their own room

Moving your toddler into their own bedroom; toddler bedroom;

Moving your toddler into their own room causes anxiety for a lot of parents, so I thought I would write about our experience and share it with you. Transitioning our co-sleeping toddler into her own room, has been both easy and difficult and I’ll explain why a bit later. Parents choose to move their toddler […]

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The new mommy and Post Natal Depression

Post Natal Depression

My experience as a new mom with post natal depression might be many years old, but it is one that I wont forget and want to keep talking about it because of how lost and lonely I felt. For the longest time, I didnt even realise that I was suffering from Post Natal Depression (also known […]

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