My daughter’s bedroom revamp

If you’ve been on a journey with us for a while, you will know that I’ve been on a mission to bring our personal touch into our new home. I started with the children’s bathroom and have now moved onto their bedrooms. I am excited to share the progress I have made on my daughter’s […]

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Three simple ways to build strong bones

When it comes to my body and nutrition, I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never put much thought into the health of my bones and how I could build strong bones – I’m probably not the only one who filed it under the “worry about it later category” right?! Well we should all proactively […]

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Our children’s bathroom reveal

Children's bathroom; children's bathroom reveal; kids bathroom; gender neutral bathroom;

I’m so excited to finally get to do the children’s bathroom reveal – after what feels like yeeeears of building our new home. We moved in just over two  months ago and one of my priorities has been having the children well-settled and comfortable. As you probably know, big changes like house moves can be […]

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Reasons why travel is good for you

Why travel is good for you; Travel; South African Mommy blogger; South African Parenting Blogger; Modern Zulu Mom; South African Travel blogger; South African Lifestyle blogger; why you should travel

If you haven’t found a reason to want to travel yet, this post is definitely for you, as I will highlight why travel is good for you and why it’s worth starting that savings fund for a trip. Travel for… memories with your family I took my son for a trip to Durban a few years […]

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My Baby Shower

I don’t mean to show off, but I kinda, sorta have the most amazing friends – there’s lots of evidence to prove it, but my pregnancy journey and baby shower have been testament to this. This sorta-surprise baby (watch the video here) has been showered with plenty of love and acceptance right from the beginning and […]

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Mama Mingle Event [+ Building and Bathroom tips]

#MamaMingleSA; Mama Mingle

I had the pleasure to host my second Mama Mingle event, which is part of a series of events I created last year, to bring moms together to chat about different themes and experiences we have along our journey. This past Saturday, the conversation was around home, building and renovation projects. I hosted eight gorgeous […]

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JOHNSON’S® Baby Re-launch


There are times, when I can’t believe that ‘ve been a mom for ten years – Johnson’s® has been part of my motherhood journey for all this time and even prior to that, as I was growing up. The yellow shampoo bottle is one that will always be iconic for me, as it takes me right back […]

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[Home building] Putting together a children’s bathroom

Children's Bathroom

Designing my children’s bathroom has been one of the most exciting parts of our very stressful building project, which has spanned almost 18 months. I’m very excited to be collaborating with CTM to put my children’s bathroom together and in a few weeks, I will be sharing the final result with you. Since it’s still work-in-progress, […]

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