What I learnt from growing up in Soweto

My childhood memories are very positive, despite some of the hardships like seeing my father abusing my mother. Somehow that wasn’t a focal point for me, because our home was generally loving and busy most of the time. I grew up in my Gogo’s (grannies) home in Soweto, a township in the south of Johannesburg in South […]

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Inhlawulo: When an unmarried Zulu woman falls pregnant

inhlawulo; When an unmarried Zulu woman falls pregnant

When an Zulu woman falls pregnant out of wedlock, there are firm traditional procedures to adhere to and inhlawulo usually comes into play. Even though we evolve and modernise quickly, this is one of the many practices I have noticed many families still uphold.   The process of Inhlawulo: Please note that I’m outlining the typical scenario, however, the […]

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