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As South African’s, we’re well-known for our spirit of generosity. The ability to show ubuntu, compassion and most importantly, care about our children who are the most fragile members of society. 

The last few weeks have highlighted more than ever, the challenges that our vulnerable communities experience. In each of these communities, there are children, who lack some of the basic resources that every child needs. A toy or even a book. 

It is hurtful to consider that while I can read to my children, print out their homework and help them research their online projects, during a lockdown, there are millions of South African children, who would not be able to comprehend this, because they have so little in life. 

The most basic gift of childhood is the gift of play. No matter their living conditions, play is vital to part of every child’s development. Through play, children can:

  • Learn
  • Boost their creativity and imagination 
  • Problem-solve
  • Improve their language skills 
  • Discover more about the world around them and so much more!

It can be overwhelming when you want to help but don’t know where to start. At a time when inspiring goodness is key, Cadbury Dairy Milk wants to offer South Africans an opportunity to help enrich the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children across our country. 

Cadbury Generosity

Here is how WE can play our part:

Just over a year ago, Cadbury Dairy Milk launched their Generosity Campaign, which saw orphaned and vulnerable children, being gifted over 100 000 pre-loved toys, books and games. Over the next few weeks, you and I have an opportunity to make a difference in our own small way.

For every specially wrapped Cadbury Dairy Milk variant, in both 80g and 150g, purchased a portion of the proceeds will go towards R1-million worth of educational toys, books and games for orphaned and vulnerable children in different parts of South Africa.

If you watch my Instagram stories, you will know that I’m a huge fan of melting my Cadbury chocolate in the microwave before I eat it. I now have the perfect opportunity to keeping indulging. 

I would love it if you join me in supporting this initiative Mama! If you spot these specially wrapped chocolates in-store, please snap a pic and tag me and I will share it on my pages too. Let’s unite and do what we do best as South Africans. Let’s show there’s a glass and a half of generosity if everyone. Let’s give the precious gift of childhood.


Modern Zulu Mom 

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