BK Gone Wild collectable cards + Win R1000 BURGER KING® voucher

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

When I heard that BURGER KING® would be launching a new set of collectable cards called BK Gone Wild, I knew that my son would enjoy them, but I really didn’t anticipate the extent of the excitement from him.

Just like his Mama, my little man is not into watching much television, but when he does, he’s all about soccer and Nat Geo Wild. He’s often correcting me on my so-called animal “facts” and I just embarrassingly laugh it off and let all that he’s teaching me sink in. If anything, I am glad that he takes his two passions very seriously.

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

BURGER KING® has really taken things to the next level by bringing in augmented reality.

The BK Gone Wild cards, bring 25 endangered species to life, in 3D, meaning that the kids can now hear and see the animals on the cards in action – which makes the experience so thrilling and real for them. You simply download the App, scan it over the card and watch your little one go wild over it.

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild; BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

Even though we’re in the middle of school holidays, my “mommy hat” is always on and I’m actually very pleased that he’s doing something that’s both fun and educational, without me forcing it on him. The collectables range from the vulnerable Blue Whale Shark, the endangered Giant Panda, the near-threatened Emperor Penguin and critically-endangered Black Rhino.

Within minutes of seeing her older brother in action with the cards, my daughter was into them too and I found myself downloading the BK® Gone Wild App on every device we have, to keep everyone happy (this may or may not included me, haha).

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

So how can you get hold of the cards?

All guests will receive a pack of 3 collectable cards with each King JR meal purchase.

Here’s what you can do on the BK® Gone Wild App:

– Scan your collectable cards to see and hear your favorite endangered animal in action
– Get fun facts on these animals e.g. learn about their habitat
– and play an educational quiz or game

Download the app by clicking here

BK GONE WILD; Burger King; Burger King South Africa; #BKGoneWild;

Ready to win with BK Gone Wild? I’m giving away one set of cards and a Burger King voucher worth R1,000.

To enter, follow these simple steps:

1. Like Modern Zulu Mom and Burger King on Facebook OR on Instagram we are: Modern Zulu Mom and Burger King

2. Leave me a comment with your child’s favorite wild animal

For bonus points, share the competition posts or this blog post on social media and tag me (@modernzulumom on FB, IG or Twitter).

Full T’s and C’s are available on this website and will apply.
[Edit: this giveaway has been extended to Monday 15 July 2019]

Good luck!!!


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. My daughter loves anything catty, so leopard, lions, cheetahs. She would go crazy over these like literally crazy.

  2. My son absolutely loves Lions, especially after watch The Lion King…. Would love to win this for him.

  3. My daughter llooooovvveeessss giraffe’s! She has slippers, pjs and a trillion toys! I would love to get this for her! Will make her a super happy little girl!

  4. My kids are crazy about all animals, they even want to be vets when they grow up. My son’s favorite animal is definitely the ki g 9f the jungle, the lion and my daughter’s favourite is cheetah. I think these cards are so awesome, we collected all the Dino cards as well 🤞🤞🤞🤞

  5. My 5 year old daughter loves cheetahs, she says she wants to run as fast as them. My 3 year old son loves rhino’s, he says they are cute.

  6. Little Kyle loves The Lion.

    He says they are big and strong and he wants to be like the lion but does not know how to roar like a lion. Hahaha 😂

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