Bavaria says cheers to Women this Women’s Month + WIN R3000 hamper

Bavaria Women's month

I have loved seeing women being celebrated in all corners of South Africa this Women’s Month – hearing that Bavaria was on a strong mission to salute mothers and the daughters they raised this women’s month was truly heart-warming for me.

Why do I say this? because I credit my stregnth to the women who raised me – my mother and abo’Gogo (my grandmothers). From a young age, I watched them overcome challenges and work hard to sacrifice and provide for their families. This is something that has stuck with me and inspired me to keep going, whenever it feels like my plans will not work out.

It was not only them that inspired me, but the whole community of women I grew up around. I have very fond memories of other women who stepped up whenever my “mothers” and family were not available. Whether it was to look after me for a few hours after school, to keep an eye on me on the bus or to give me advice – there were always these heroic women and motherly figures looking out for me. These are the women I salute this Women’s month.


This image taken on my wedding day is a reminder of how high the women in my family have lifted me.


Cheers to the leading ladies…

This year, Bavaria launched its “Cheers to” campaign, which salutes the everyday heroes of South Africa and for Women’s month, the spotlight is on mom-to-be, Itumeleng, who made the sacrifice of having to leave her family behind in her home country, to have a better life in South Africa.

Watch how they surprised her with an unforgetta-ble baby shower – and more.

Bavaria women

Bavaria women's month

Did you know that Bavaria 0.0% contains no alcohol whatsoever, therefore making it safe to consume when you are pregnant or breastfeeding? The refreshing range comes in a variety of different flavours like strawberry, apple and mango-passion fruit.

Bavaria women month

It turns out that 0.0% non-alcoholic malt beer can boost breastmilk supply by stimulating prolactin levels. In my first six weeks of trying to exclusively breastfeed, I know all about the mission to increase supply, so I have stocked up on my apple flavour! I have even heard of women having strong beer and malt cravings during pregnancy so I am pleased that there are now safe options on the market.

Barley malt contains lactogenic beta-glucan. This not only makes it highly nutritious, but when enjoyed 90 minutes prior to breastfeeding can see an increase in the mom’s milk production. Malt drinks are well known to be both wholesome and highly nutritious, while providing some protein, sugar, essential minerals and levels of vitamins A and B vitamins, and the all-important folic acid which is beneficial during both pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In celebration of Women’s month, I have collaborated with Bavaria to give away a hamper worth R3000, including:

– Rose Gold Transonic Bluetooth earphones
– Travel Bag with charging port
– A Ceramic Poykie Pot
– Gold 4000mAh Powerbank, Bluetooth Speaker and Pen Gift set
– Portable Braai & Cooler Set
– Snug Fast Wireless Car Charger
– A case of Bavaria 0.0% Strawberry

To enter, follow these two simple steps:

1) Watch the film and leave me a comment with the answer to this question: “what was Itumeleng’s second big surprise?”

2) Follow Bavaria on Instagram or tag a friend/ share my post on Facebook. 

The giveaway will close on 28 August and full giveaway terms and conditions will apply as per my website. See my giveaway page for the details.


Cheers to women this month, and every month!

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  1. 1) Itumeleng’s second big surprise was “her Mother” who came to Johannesburg to surprise her at her surprise baby shower (I literally sobbed while watching this beautiful moment)
    2) Followed BAVARIA on Instagram (Follower no.520)

    I’m 18 weeks pregnant. What a great giveaway to keep my pregnancy mood swings at bay especially the car charger and powerbank for those times when my phone dies, which is twice a day. And the portable braai and cooler set which allows me to take a break from cooking on the stove and a perfect excuse for hubby and me to slip away for some “us time”.

    Goodluck on the birth of your bundle of joy Itumeleng and hubby!

  2. Itumeleng’s second big surprise was “her Mother” who came to Johannesburg to surprise her at her surprise baby shower
    Got so emotional watching this, mothers are priceless

  3. Her mom was the surprise….So sweet and beautiful, there is nothing as rewarding like having your mom support you or be with you through pregnancy!!!

  4. The arrival to f her mother. So beautiful I broke into tears because I can completely relate. So happy for her.

  5. Itumelengs second biggest surprise was the arrival of her mother all the way from Zimbabwe for her daughter’s baby shower.

  6. Itumeleng’s second big surprise was from her Mother who came from Harare to Johannesburg to surprise her for the baby shower.

    What a beautiful and touching and heartwarming moment. ❤❤❤

  7. The second surprise was her mum showing up for the party from Zimbabwe☺️🤞🏽I was very emotional because I can relate

  8. Seeing her mom after so long. Mom’s are our support system especially when you are pregnant with your first baby. I was In tears, I’m so happy that she got a lovely baby shower and the best part was seeing mommy.

  9. Her Mummy!!!!
    Bavaria bought her mommy to her from Harare… this was so so special as my mum lives thousands of kms away from me and i yearn her hugs and kisses..
    Not only am i enjoying the benefits of Bavaria and it yummy flavours but Bavaria is our go to drink as hubby and his brother have been sober for the past 7 years and are celebrating their 8th sobriety birthday this coming week. its such an amazing accomplishment and our family are so happy & proud

  10. Itumeleng’s second big surprise is her mom who came all the way from Harare to attend her surprise baby shower

  11. Itumeleng’s second big surprise was “her Mother” who came to Johannesburg to surprise her at her surprise baby shower…So nice of her mom wish I could also have a baby shower like this #Dueinseptember

  12. Her mom came to Johannesburg all the way from Zimbabwe for her baby shower, what a fantastic visit, with mom’s support for pregrancy.

  13. Omg her biggest suprise is her mom coming all the way from Zimbabwe for her baby shower,it was so beautiful to watch

  14. Hello Modern Day Zulu mum

    Firstly you are looking amazing!
    The answer to the question is her mom, her came for her special day.

    We all as woman need people especially other important woman in our lives to show up. Sometimes life gets busy and we get so tired up with everyday in and outs that we forget to SHOW UP. By this I mean we don’t make those calls to our friends and sisters, the ones that might need us the most.

    My new years resolution this year was to be more present in my friends life, we started making time at least every 2-3 months to get together and spend time with each other. We are mostly mums and so happy to drink Bavaria 0.0% , my friends and myself can enjoy feeling like adults without putting our selves and family in danger.

    It’s so important with the raise in woman drinking their wine during the day at play dates ect, that we take a step back and realise how bad it is. I can’t imagine getting stopped by a cop in front of my kids and being arrested because I have 2 glasses of wine.

    Anyway I can go on about this but won’t. Thank you again for amazing content and also educating us.

    Holding thumbs.

  15. The baby shower was supposed to be on sutaday she get birth Friday 3 am her mom was de one coming from Swaziland to see de two tainy tweens a gel n a boy

  16. Was so suprised staying in hospital during hospital hours my entered de room without call I was so suprise 😭😭but happy

  17. Bavaria surprised Itumeleng by inviting her mother to her baby shower in JHB, whom she was assuming she was in Harare🤗😍.

  18. The big surprise was for Bavaria and hubby teaming up to bring her mother all the way from Zimbabwe.
    This is amazing.

    I would just like to say. You are blessed, Fortunate and lucky to still have your mother by your side even if she’s a call away. I am first time expecting mom and I’m facing this pregnancy with so much joy and also fear, about whether I’ll be as good as a mother that my mother was to me. It’s time like this when we need our mothers the most to teach us a few things they haven’t taught us yet, raising a baby!
    Happy women’s month and safe delivery on the little one.
    Also, hoping to win this hamper 😋😋

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