Princess K’s Ballerina Party

We recently celebrated the princess of our castle with a ballerina party. She had been asking and talking about her third birthday party for almost six months prior to her birthday. My brief was that it had to be pink, with balloons and cake (with fire, aka candles) – easy enough right?

This being the first birthday party that we’ve thrown for her, we wanted to make it really special, which means that preparations started two months earlier. Just in case you are wondering, we did celebrate her previous two birthdays – with cake, presents and family at home. The reason for not hosting parties is because I really wanted her to understand what the day was about and look forward to it, instead of being overwhelmed by a crowd. I’ve seen way too many babies spending their parties in tears and misery. This was certainly my experience from my sons first birthday party and baptism – he wouldn’t stop crying throughout.

It was certainly worth the wait, because it exceeded all her expectations.

ballerina party

Making things happen…

A month before the party, I decided on a ballerina theme and when I showed her some pictures, she loved them. So I ordered her ballerina tutu from TutuCuteZa, arranged the décor from KRM Events and Decor and ordered the cake from @KSTCakes.


ballerina party

ballerina party


A pink sugar rush…

I bought the letters for her name and the glass vases from China Town (Main Reef Road) and the sweets/favours from Flower/Party Spot in Woodmead.

Because we had lots of sweets, I kept the party favours simple with stickers, a few sweets and candy floss. I created and printed the thank-you notes myself.

ballerina party

ballerina party

The road to the party was not without drama, as her fever spiked the night before and nothing could cheer her up. We were up at 3am on the morning of the party, with her in a lukewarm bath, which is what eventually broke the fever. Then, we experienced stage 4 loadshedding for the very first time on the day, meaning we couldn’t use the awesome pink jumping castle she had hinted on.

She had a wonderful day with our family and friends and the ballerina theme turned out beautifully. The only time she felt offish was just after lunch. While she took a nap, her friends carried on the fun without her. We found out the next day that she had tonsillitis, which explained a lot.

ballerina party

ballerina party

Party planning is fun and I wish I could do it more often, because I absolutely love hosting – unfortunately its very expensive so it requires lots of planning. I think we will have a low-key celebration next year and save the big parties for every other year.

Are you having a party for your little one this year? Would love to hear about it.

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  1. Stunning party! Well done Mommy. You’re have those uber superpowers. Please tell me what venue you used. Planning the baby’s first.

    1. Thank you hun, wanted to make it a memorable day for her. Wishing you all the best with baby’s party!

  2. Wow, this is so beautiful mommy. Well done on make her dreams come through and of cause getting involved in the planning. I remember with Nolo’s first birthday(Minnie Mouse theme), I just got one lady and honestly wasn’t happy with her work.

    Second birthday was very nice. You won’t believe I got a lady from Polokwane🤦🏾‍♀️to do the whole birthday party which looked very nice. She was turning 2yrs and already loving Sofia which eventually became the theme.

    I’m planning her birthday next year when she turns 6yrs, she would have graduated going to grade 1. I don’t know what she’s going to ask for and I’m definitely going to get involved in the different planning stages. I’m not good at hosting even planning an event, hence I opt for experts in such fields to assist me.

    This year will continue traveling to celebrate her birthday. I won’t host a party until next year

    1. Thank you so much Mosh. I think the holidays are a beautiful idea and so special for you guys to spend quality time together.

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