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Krayons Baby

Baby skincare is a topic that I’ve tackled a few times and one that I will definitely continue to talk about, because keeping a baby’s skin healthy is one of the consistent tasks that we will undertake as mothers. We know that all our babies are different and that different products will affect their skins just as uniquely. However, what remains important is understanding the basics of baby skin care.

Babies are born with extremely sensitive skin – in the early days of life, it is fragile and needs you to pay careful attention to skin conditions like cradle cap, eczema or baby acne; which is why we need soft and gentle skincare products. Washing your baby with lukewarm water and a gentle soap that is suitable to their skin is so important.

The good news is that over time, your baby’s skin will adjust to the environment around them and become stronger, but this won’t happen unless you take extra care to protect and nourish it. Fortunately bath time, nappy changes and seasonal changes, give us daily opportunities to do so. Khumo might not be a baby anymore, but it doesn’t mean that her toddler skin is free from issues, which I have seen come and go.


Krayons Baby

These are my top skin care tips:

  • Get to know what products work for your baby’s skin. Always start with mild and fragrance free products first. Stick to products that are dermatologically tested and proven to be gentle on a child’s skin, like Krayons Baby.
  • Apply extra moisture when the weather is cooler – you can do this by replacing soap with aqueous cream to help soothe and moisturise more effectively, or by applying the aqueous cream on baby’s skin before lowering them into the bath.
  • If your baby has dry or cracked lips, apply a thick layer Petroleum Jelly on both lips to lock in moisture.Apply sun protection in the warmer seasons.
  • When your toddler has a rash, don’t ignore it. Start treating it immediately and seek medical attention if it
  • Set aside five minutes to give your little one a gentle massage with petroleum jelly or aqueous cream after bath time. This will calm and relax them before bedtime. Studies have also proven that gentle massages help babies to feel more secure and loved. They also reduce emotional distress and provide relief from colic and constipation.

All about Krayons Baby:

Krayons Baby has a range of gentle and Ph-balanced products, which are suitable for a wide variety of skin care needs and approved by dermatologists to keep skin soft and supple.

Due to Khumo’s skin sensitivity, we have experimented with the fragrance-free range which comes in either 250ml or 125ml containers, with the latter making it easy to pack in her backpack. The Krayons Baby Petroleum Jelly is enriched with Vitamin E, to help your little’s ones skin stay soft and gently moisturised.


Krayons Baby

Krayons Baby


And then you get the lightly-fragranced ranged with added glycerine, which includes the aqueous cream as well as compact soap bar for children of all ages. The full range consist of:
• 100g & 200g Krayons Baby Soap
• 125ml, 250ml & 475ml Krayons Baby Petroleum Jelly
• 250ml & 475ml Krayons Baby Aqueous Cream


Krayons Baby


As a working mom, I have always treasured and used bath-time as a bonding experience, after a long day away from home and the kids. It’s one of the best ways to switch-off from the daily stress/traffic and reconnect with the kids. At the moment, Lesedi and Khumo still enjoy bathing together, so I get to connect with both of them during bath time. I may be a “seasoned” mom, but if you’re new to bath time, I know exactly how difficult it can be to navigate bath time with a wriggling baby or toddler. Here are a few tips from Krayons to ensure bath time is a soothing, calm activity for both baby and mom.

Tip #1: Be prepared

There’s nothing worse than missing a crucial cream or object when in the midst of bathing your child. Prior to even running the water, make sure that you have everything you might need. You should also remove any distractions from the room, like your cell phone. The key to a soothing and calm bath is being totally focused on your child and enjoying the experience with them.

Tip #2: Warm the room

Prior to bath time, warm the room that you will be bathing/changing them in, especially on the chilly days. Put a heater in a safe spot in the bathing room and raise the temperature in the space slightly. Keep your baby warm and comfortable during bath time to avoid tears. Newborns are often bathed in their nurseries, which is an ideal calming environment.

Tip #3: The perfect temperature

From the time your child is born, it’s a good habit to run the cold tap into the bath prior to turning on the hot tap. This will ensure that the water is always cool first as opposed to scalding – especially when you have a toddler on your hands attempting to climb into the bath early!

Tip #4: Bath time tactics

Keeping your baby or toddler entertained while in the bath makes bath time a happy and bonding experience. With a newborn, stirring or gently splashing the water around the baby makes them settle and listen to the noise which is similar to the movement of fluid whilst in the womb. When the child is slightly older, placing colourful, water-proof toys in the bath provides endless entertainment – we love our little ducks!




Tip #5: Select pH Balanced, dermatologically tested products

Your babies skin is soft and precious and it’s important to choose products that will protect and care for their skin. Opt for an aqueous product as a soap replacement if your child is very young, moving to a soap bar when they’re slightly older and their skin is less sensitive. The Krayons range offers moms a lightly fragranced Aqueous cream as well as compact soap bar for children of all ages. All Krayons products are pH Balanced and approved by dermatologists to keep skin soft and supple.


Krayons Baby


Disclaimer: this post is sponsored by Krayons Baby but all opinions are my own.

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