B.Box Review and Giveaway

I was so excited to hear that the B.Box brand had hit the African continent. This is a brand is designed by moms, for moms so they’re all about practicality and making the lives of parents more convenient, while being safe for our kids and the environment (all their products are BPA, Phthalates and PVC free)


I had an opportunity to review three b.box products and I would also like to give one lucky mom a chance to win a product that they would love to try for themselves.


Fresh food feeder:

I used the B.Box fresh food feeder to give Khumo her first taste of Mango. It came in big chunks, so choking is a big hazard, which is what makes this product great. The mesh allows your baby to suck fruit and vegetables safely. It is designed to allow your baby to explore new food tastes, textures and colours in a fun and safe way. I must be honest, it did take Khumo the third try for her to get used to the mesh cover because it was new to her. It comes with a cap that you can close to keep the food fresh.


B box fresh food feeder


Great way to introduce fruits and vegetables

Reduces risk of choking

Hygienic cover

Easy grip ring

Helps soothe teething pain

Dishwasher safe


Diaper Wallet:

Our family is always on the go, especially on weekends. So this diaper wallet has been so handy. It’s has a dual compartment for two diapers and wet wipes; as well as a cute and easy-to-clean changing mat. It’s compact and fitted comfortably into our baby bag.


b box diaper wallet

b box diaper wallet

Includes wipe clean change mat (48x43cm)

Storage for nappies and disposable bags

Built in refillable wipes container

BPA, Phthalates and PVC free


Bottle + Dispenser:

Who loves midnight feeds? Uhm, not me – but I’ve fallen in love with the B.Box bottle + dispenser because it accommodates both water and formula separately. You simply scoop the amount of formula you need into the dispenser and add the required amount of sterilised water in the bottle. When it’s feeding time, you simply plunge, shake and feed, which guarantees freshness. This is works so well for me, because sometimes Khumo sleeps through the night and I don’t have waste/toss pre-prepared milk.

It’s also great for when you’re on the road.


B Box bottle


Faster, simpler and more hygienic formula preparation

Comes with additional stage 2 and stage 3 teats

Dishwasher and steriliser safe

Ergonomic design

Great for travel and night feeds


FAB and practical right?!

To enter, leave me a comment telling me which one of the three products is your favourite and you could WIN!



Entries close on 14 December 2016

Winners will be notified by email

Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash

This giveaway is open to South African residents only


View the full product range on the B.BOX SA website and be sure to like the b.box Facebook page for more product information.

The products are available online on TakeALot.com or at these retailers


Good Luck

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. I would love to try the diaper wallet. My struggle with wet-wipes is real. My little boy takes the plastic cover off of the wipes and we always end up throwing away wipes because hey have dried out. I have even resorted to using one of the tupperwares in the kitchen to keep the wipes in, which is not as pretty to carry around and it is not as convenient especially when trying to open the Tupperware lol

  2. Definitely the diaper wallet. Changing time can become a great challenge, especially in public places so this would be a blessing

  3. Love all the products, its a very difficult chive, however the bottle and dispenser caught my eye, never seen a product like this before, would love to win this for my baby due in march

  4. I would def like to try the fresh food feeder! Harvey is loving his purees but he is just about ready to start trying new foods and textures!

  5. Hey, great review of products.
    I like all three but if I have to choose then it would have to be the diaper wallet. I’m also always on the GO and this would be of great value.

  6. I love the diaper wallet, wow, this will make my life so much easier, always such a hassle to find the diapers in the diaper bag lol, if I find the diapers then I usually cant find the wipes, love this invention.

  7. Wow, wish I had heard about these products sooner, the Bottle + Dispenser sounds amazing! I hate having to fiddle to put the milk in the bottle…Looks like a lovely range

  8. Id definitely love to try the diaper wallet, cause we travel alot since Daddy stays in a different town. It will be very convenient than having to pack nappies lose on the bag

  9. Really excited to try the fresh food feeder. My little missie is 4 months and just starting out on solids. She is also using her hands to self soothe and I think this product is perfect perfect for dual purposes. Also will help with the first stages of teething! Can’t wait to get the rest of the feeding products!

  10. Wow,never have I thought I would be a mommy again, the excitement of having to baby shop I remember the days when I was getting ready to welcome Buhle I only did the shopping last month. I guess I had a mom back then to help with what was needed. I’m very excited that I can now feed my baby veggies and fruits, whilst I’m drafting this to the forum I have my partner with looking at the products… I am certain I’m going for ALL of them as I believe there are all a necessity not a luxury especially now that I have the father of the baby and nanny.. without my mom I need to find ways that are safe for the baby, I’m super excited about this venture.. more ready and matured. From you modernzulumom I’d love the bottle nothing beats fresh mostly not wasting…?

  11. I would love to try the Bottle and dispenser this would absolutely make my night’s easier and would save me from throwing away unused milk in the morning…

  12. I LOVE the bottle and dispenser! My whole breast feeding journey has been was at first wonderful and then turned into a nightmare with my son Max screaming and fussing with EVERY feed from 8 weeks old (he’s now 4 months). After seeing a lactation specialist today, it turns out I have one breast that flows way to fast & inconsistently & one that flows way to slow… ? I have to give him formula with the fussy feeds now & that midnight and 2am feed kills me! ? I’d love to try something super convenient like this to help me with my “dodgy boob” situation! Ha ha ha!

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