Alternative uses for breastmilk

Alternative uses for breastmilk; breastmilk; breast feeding

Ok so I’m a little obsessed with breastfeeding at the moment, so much so that I’ve found some alternative uses for breastmilk.

Breastmilk is often called liquid gold. I’ve come to reaslise why and appreciate it’s various uses and benefits. I think of it as Coconut Oil’s little sister, that has so many great uses:


Here they are:


Baby acne and rash treatment: breastmilk acts as a cleanser and prevents the skin from burning. Apply to affected area a few times a day after washing with water. It is equally beneficial for an adults skin – major cost saver!

Cuts, burns and itches: breastmilk is a natual disinfectant and it will help to heal the wound. Squeeze out a few drops and apply to your nipples when they are sore and cracked too.

Immune System Boost for mother and older siblings: breastmilk has antibodies that protect against all kinds of viruses and infections. By breastfeeding, you are reducing your own risk of certain illnesses such as cancers and you can also give your breastmilk to your older children for an effective immune boost.

Colds and Flus: Drinking breastmilk can improve your own immue system or that of a child or adult in your household. When my daughter was 5 weeks old, I caught a horrible flu which lasted a week. I wish I would have known that my own breastmilk would have been helpful to me. She didn’t get sick at all and I credit breastfeeding for this.

Donating: once you have established a solid breastfeeding routine with your baby, you can sign up to become a donar, subject to a medical screening. I wrote about the South African Breast Milk Reserve here.

Ear and eye infections: a few drops of breastmilk throughout the day can help to keep the infected area clean and assist with recovery.

Reducing the appearance of stretchmarks: this one was most surpising to me. Exfloliate the area you want to target and apply a few drops. I’ll be trying this and will be sure to let you know if it works for me.


What else have you used breastmilk for? I’m so motivated to keep breastfeeding and pumping Mamas, especially throughout the winter season.


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  1. Wow I learnt some new uses of breast milk. Though it would be hard to get most adults to drink it (if they know what they are drinking)

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