Four Ingredients to a Healthier Me

One of my favourite quotes of all time is “taking care of yourself is part of taking care of your children” – as idealistic as this sounds, it’s a really difficult principle to apply practically to your everyday life, as you juggle motherhood, a career, relationships and your personal hobbies. I set some goals at the beginning of the year and I must say, I haven’t really been holding myself accountable to all of them, which is why I’m thankful that Alpen Muesli challenged me to discover “four ingredients to a healthier me”, a topic which is inspired by Alpen Muesli’s own natural goodness.


Ingredient 1: Drop the mom guilt

This absolutely has to be at the top of my list –you can’t pour from an empty cup right?! If I continue to neglect the other things that I enjoy or want to do, like writing more and spending time with friends, I’ll truly lose the essence of being ME. You’ll be proud to know that I finally registered to study further and my course starts this week – this is something that been on my agenda for 3 years. Although it will be hard to balance this with everything else I’ve got going on, I know that if I want to be the best mom I can be, I have to do more of what brings me fulfilment! Through this, I hope to inspire my children to know that being healthy is about being yourself – holistically.


Ingredient 2: A healthier me

My quest for good health is now bigger than my goal to shed the post-baby fat. I need to stop kidding myself and work towards the bigger picture – which is looking, feeling and BEING healthy for myself and my children. I want to be around for the everyday joys and key milestones. My appendectomy operation at the end of last year was a big reality check, I saw first-hand what actually happens when I don’t listen to my body and look after myself. This also means, no more skipping brekkie…



Alpen Muesli


Alpen Swiss Muesli has everything you need and want in a breakfast. In fact, it’s Swiss precision when you need it most – in the mornings.

  • High in fibre
  • Wholegrain
  • Low in sodium
  • High in protein


Here are some healthy breakfast recipes you can try with your muesli to get you started on your own journey to a healthier, balanced YOU

Ingredient 3: Wake up a few minutes earlier

My mornings are have become so reactive – after my battle with the snooze button, the big rush starts and it pretty much sets the tone for the rest of my day and it’s really not fun to be frantic all-day! What I’ve realised (while the kids have been away at my mom’s house) is that those few moments to myself in the mornings make a huge difference. Just being able to sit quietly in bed for a few minutes – to pray, to think about my day and plan for all the things I need to get to, is so amazing. Of course we’ll be back to regular programming soon and that will require some effort from me – to consciously choose to wake up a few minutes earlier to steal those blissful silent moments for mindfulness.




Ingredient 4: Hello date-nights

Over and above the me-time that I need so badly from time-to-time, I need to prioritise our date-nights again. I was quite good with setting them up while I was on maternity leave but fell straight off the bandwagon when work started getting crazy again. It’s so easy to lose your connection as partners once you have child. I really miss dressing up, putting on a red lippie and looking cute! Relationships can take a strain once a baby comes into the equation but let’s keep our relationships/marriages healthy too Mamas.


 Alpen Competition:

Since there are four base ingredients in the Alpen Muesli, which are rolled oats, wheat flakes, raisins and nuts – I would like to challenge you to join me in the quest for finding your four ingredients to a healthier you.

To enter for your chance to win a pair of running shoes, a fitbit and an Alpen Muesli hamper, leave me a comment on this blog post or on any of my Alpen Muesli social media posts, telling me what your ingredients are.


  • Entries close on 13 April 2017
  • Winners will be notified by email
  • Prizes are not transferable/negotiable and may not be exchanged for cash
  • This giveaway is open to South African residents only


Become the best version of yourself and start your fitness journey today. #MindMuesli #igfitfam #Fitspo

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Good luck

Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Essential ingredients and things we take for granted!

    For me my four things are –

    Eat well (which I’m not so good at sweet tooth problem).

    Exercise – this I don’t compromise on. I go for a run/walk 5-6 days a week even if it is just a short 3 or 4 KM and I make time to go to the gym 2-3 times a week too .

    Quality time with family. Because our schedules are so busy I make this a priority and try to ensure we do something together as a family once a week even if it is just going to church

    Me time- i used to think it was a cliche but I’ve come to realize it is true. Better me equals better wife and mother. So I make time for myself even if just an hour to do nothing but be me. Sometimes I just nap in that time other times I go for a walk or read

  2. My morning routine(ingredients) includes but not limited to the items below
    1. Bible reading and prayer
    2. Reading – business or fitness related books
    3. Stretch or yoga this really depends on how time I have been snoozing a bit much lately.
    4. Journal my thoughts ” What would make today great? “

  3. This post actually relates to me so much because that is the journey i am on right now. I actually have a lot more than 4, but i will stick to the brief 🙂

    I have been procrastinating joining the gym since my baby was born and now he is 1. This year i decided to sign up for the gym. This ingredient works hand in hand with another ingredient of mine because i wake up early in the morning and go to gym before going to work. It really keeps my energy levels high throughout the day and after work i have time to spend with the family and make dinner.

    #2-Waking up earlier
    I have started waking up earlier than anyone in the house just to prep for everyone’s day and to spend some time with God. This makes a huge difference to my day because i am much calmer and i am organised which filters through my day at work.

    You cant just have a healthy body you need to have a healthy mind too. So when the kids are in bed and hubby is catching up on late night tv, i lay in bed with a book. I make sure i read every night. Currently i am reading Stormie Omartiaans 3 in 1 prayer book. It really prepares me for my evening because it guides me on my prayer and helps me think of new things to implement in my life starting the following morning. Reading also assist me in preparing for my sleep because i am one of those people who can overthink themselves to death. So the reading gives me god things to think about which in turns puts me into a good space before heading to bed.

    #4-Eating Healthy
    I know everyone says it but its actually very difficult to do and makes such an impact to your body. I was either too busy where i would skip meals and with me having low blood pressure, it really did not assist as i was always having dizzy spells. On the other hand, i would eat too much junk throughout the day because of stress and would end up feeling sick and bloated. Now i am learning to eat balanced meals and trying not to skip any meals. I have actually cut out fizzy drinks and chips completely from my diet and its made a huge impact on my appearance and on how i feel. I still need to work on cutting the chocolate out, but i am having it in proportion 🙂 I am also drinking alot more water because i no longer have fizzy drinks.

    I am really enjoying the journey i am on, it helps me to remain calm throughout the storm

  4. I love this!!!

    I made some promises to myself while I was pregnant with my youngest last year!

    1) Mothers guilt was also a huge biggie for me. After I had my 1st son I completely lost myself to motherhood and woke up one day and could hardly recognize myself. I made a promise to myself that never again! My kids won’t die if I’m not at home for an hour or two. My kids won’t die if I’m doing something I like. My abilities or my value as a mom isn’t measured by absence but rather the quality of my presence.

    2) Healthy eating at the table
    When you eat good,you feel good. I take my time to plan our meals as a family and it has double benefits because I teach my children good eating habits and make a family event of every meal I make. Whether it’s over breakfast with the hubby once the kids are at school or bonding with the kids over after school snacks. We sit at the table, we bond, we connect and we chat!

    3) workouts
    I never miss a week day! It sets the tone for my whole day and I feel like a million buck!

    4) Movies on my own
    I got to the movies in my own, for some me time 1 Thursday a month and I don’t compromise. It’s my date with myself❤

  5. My ingredients are:1- Walking everyday which has helped me lose weight. 2- No more sugar and bread in my diet and I have seen amazing result. I feel so much healthier and happier. 3-Time out for myself away from the kids with the girls to just chill, giggle, cry, shop and have some fun. 4- Accept the things that I cannot change and have no control over and look ahead at what better things may be over the hill.

  6. My 4 ingredients to being a healthier me starts with my state of mind
    °Start living within my means, I will stop wishing for things that are beyond my reach and start saving for those I can afford.

    °Go back to doing Yoga, it used to clear my mind and keeps me strong and a beautiful body

    °I will go back to eating my 5meals a day Breakfast which is compulsory, Lunch and dinner with 2 snacks in between these meals and drinking 3litres of water to rid my body off toxins

    °Stop procrastinating. It is my big disease because since I pride myself with working very well under pressure but after that the effects are felt because I get fatigued. I will plan my day starting from when I wake and make sure I follow my plan strictly.

  7. Hey ma wakhe heeeey!!. I absolutely loooove your blog. I’m about to settle down and binge read on it. It looks really good hey.
    Okay i don’t feel comfortable entering this competition coz i haven’t suppoted you long enough? blogger/reader guilt. I’m just new here even though lord knooows I need me some trainers since some people made a personal shopping mall out of my storage box this year and am too broke to buy new trainers. Lol.

    Mvumikazi | Urban Mnguni

  8. love your ingredients Thando must copy no4: We used to have date nights every week Thursdays were ours nomakanjani, I used to buy countless vouchers on groupon so we always had things to do together away from the kids angazi what changed but this is a must.

    1) Loving & appreciating my body: This has been a struggle of mine especially after my second baby. Knowing what is good for me has helped a lot,society tends to box this beauty thing and I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to be a size 8/10 to be healthy,beautiful. beauty is relative, it’s important to be kind to our bodies be in tune as they say we are what we eat so eating healthy,exercise is imperative. One cant out gym a bad diet,have cut out a starch,sugar (struggle as i have a sweet tooth for days) to try maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    2)Good night sleep- As I get older im loving my sleep i use to survive on little if no sleep at all but now I cant. For me to function and be happy 7 hours at least is a must,good sleep leads to a better mood,clearer mind, stronger immunity & much more so please don’t disturb this mommy when shes sleeping.

    3)Spirituality,meditation : We are often so busy with juggling everything that we don’t take time out just to breathe deeply just to regroup,recharge so meditation is a daily practice i have to just zone out for a few minutes connect with myself, my God.

    Spiritual knowledge realigns that sense of self,important for finding that greater meaning & meaning in my existence.

    4) Gratitude: I’m grateful for the little things , I know there’s a lot that I want to do,achieve but it’s important for me to know that im not where I used to be.

  9. My four ingredients are simple

    1) Choose me first. I think we need to make us no.1 in our lifes so we can take care of 2..3..4..5.. etc better. No one wins if No.1 is not happy!

    2) eat clean. I started 2 years ago eating clean. No sugars, low carbs and healthy meals for all.

    3) enjoy being active. This year i started running with my beautiful labrador. He is an amazing running friend and makes the run/jog so much fun. We both love it and tend to run even when normally I would say no.

    4) Positive energy produces positive results. I now just choose to surround myself with happy positive people and I am also like that. It’s a win : win

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