A time to add goodness to the lives of others

We’ve had some really cold days and tough couple of months as many families have taken strain from the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic – many are struggling with basics like food and warm items. If there’s one thing I have realised, it’s how fortunate I am to have a warm home with almost all I need to bare the COVID-19 storm (plus this really cold winter). So, I believe that it’s also my duty to do all that I can to help those who are less fortunate.

With this in mind, I’ve partnered with Denny mushrooms to spread the word on their amazing winter drive, which aims to ADD GOODNESS bring some comfort and warmth to people in less fortunate communities. 

#AddGoodness; Denny Mushrooms

As a brand that is all about adding goodness to our plates, homes, and communities, Denny is continuing to do that with their #AddGoodness Campaign. Since the beginning of lockdown, they have been generously lending a helping hand where it’s needed, by donating a large sum of produce to soup kitchens and shelters. Simultaneously, they started a knitting initiative, which together with their volunteering efforts makes sure that people are well-fed and snug this winter.

R10 goes a very long way… here is how YOU can get involved too

And now they are giving you and I an opportunity to get involved to #AddGoodness! Denny has started a charity-based initiative where anybody can donate to help feed more people. All the proceeds will go to Food Forward SA which supports many vulnerable South African households with food parcels. And if you thought that that was great, they have also added a little bit of a perk for those who donate to the charity. You stand a chance to own a limited edition, bespoke onesie, and hamper consisting of a selection of delicious vitamin and mineral-rich Denny mushrooms. Yum!! 

Every cent counts, so donations of all amounts are welcome. If you are able to donate any amount from R10, please visit the Denny Add Goodness page https://dennyaddgoodness.co.za

Our ultimate goal is to raise R50,000 for Food Forward SA

And of course, you will be entered into the draw for this snuggly onesie! For every R10 donated, you get 1 entry into the random draw. 

We all value brands that go the extra mile to make our busy lives that much easier. The ones that stand out also make life a little better for those who need it the most.

In addition to this, Denny Mushrooms has also contributed a donation to my own winter drive, where I have been collecting clothing, baby items, books and toys over the last few weeks. I am truly grateful for this generosity.

My love for mushrooms started from my late father, who introduced me to them from the time I was tall enough to stand next to the stove. In my next post, I will share my favourite breakfast meals with mushrooms! 

Add goodness; #addgoodness

For regular updates on the #AddGoodness campaign, follow Denny Mushrooms on Facebook, and Instagram and the  #addgoodness, and feel #wintercomforts with #Dennymushrooms. The other amazing creators who are part of this campaign are: Good Things Guy, FitLikeMummy, Just A Bella, Crazy Rio and Becoming You. We would all really love and appreciate your support towards this initiative.


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