5 ways to bond with your baby

Forming a bond with your baby, doesn’t always come as naturally as we often expect it to. I believe that it’s a feeling and connection that you build over time and that bond will naturally get stronger as you navigate each day together.

I remember being overwhelmed and desperate to feel this bond, but realized that I still can’t pinpoint the exact day it happened. I just subtly felt more comfortable and deeply connected to my baby the more we got used to each other.

If you are looking for some tangible things to do, here are five things you can you can incorporate into each day, to work towards creating a stronger bond with your baby:

One-on-one time:

With three children, giving each child individual attention is one of my biggest challenges. With time, I have learnt that it’s possible when you make a conscious effort towards it.

Be fully-engaged and present around your baby during your one-on-one time. They need you so much during their early life – simple actions like making eye-contact, singing to them, kissing them during a nappy change or feeding them in a private space will enhance your bond with your baby.

Each child will demand a piece of you and you won’t always get it right, but small chunks of deliberate attention go a long way.

Being playful:

In our busy worlds, it’s easy to underestimate the simple power of playing. Take a moment after work to cuddle, tickle and play with your baby.

After a long day, they have probably missed you more than you miss them. Simple things like getting down on their level on the floor, looking into a mirror together or playing peek-a-boo will be a delightful experience for them.

A baby’s laughter is one of the most uplifting sounds in this world, right?!

Bath time:

Bath time is where I try to maximize on the little time we have when I come home from work. It gives me an opportunity to look him in the eye, splash and de-stress. Johnson’s Cotton Touch has been an essential part of our routine from the day Kgosi was born. The ultra light formulation is gentle on his skin and slip-resistant, enabling me to just focus on him.

I trust the formulation, that contains over 90% naturally derived ingredients and love how he smells after a bath. Seeing him happily kick his little feet while I wipe him dry is incredibly reassuring.

Follow up a warm bath with a gentle massage and lots of cuddles. You can find my baby massage tips hereIn case you didn’t know, your baby’s skin is up to 30% thinner than yours. The Johnson’s® Cotton Touch Baby Oil is a gentle and light oil that is clinically proven to be safe to use on your baby’s newborn skin and it works beautifully for a gentle massage. 

create a bond with your baby

Baby Wearing:

Being close to you is soothing for your baby and wearing them in a wrap or sling has so many physical, emotional and mental benefits. Your baby will feel more secure as they are soothed by your smell and the sound of your heart beat.

Head out for a walk with your baby on you – they will enjoy staring at the trees, soaking in the fresh air and I can almost guarantee you that they will be sleeping very soundly after a few minutes.

Wearing your baby in and around your home, will also free up your hands to do other things you may need to attend to.

Being gentle with yourself:

As mothers, we’re often self-critical and place unrealistic demands on ourselves. I challenge you to trust and be a little more gentle with yourself. Your unique parenting style, choices and feelings are good enough. Give yourself time and grace to work on being the best mama you can be, one day at a time, and you will see the ripple effect on the bond you create with your baby.

Disclaimer: this post was done in collaboration with Johnson’s. As usual, all opinions and content are my own. #JohnsonsMyMotherhood #Choose Gentle

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