My 30th birthday celebration

I’m thirty you guys!

Life has been a litttttttle crazy! You can probably tell because I’ve been more quiet on the blog?! I came back from my trip and life went straight back to normal.  It’s tough being a thirty year old, you know?!

Firstly, all that “turning thirty” fear was for nothing! I don’t feel any different, I don’t have a single wrinkle and nothing drastic has happened, except for the fact that I went to the office on my actual birthday. This was a problem because I declared my birthday as a national day of rest, years ago. I had a tough meeting which kinda put on a downer on the day, but I had the most incredible time celebrating with friends the Sunday before and I caught up with a spa-treat just before the weekend. 


When I wrote my last post, I was unsure of whether I wanted to do something or not. I was so tempted not to celebrate, but in the end I decided to go with a girls garden luncheon at our house. I sent out the invite then got too busy at work to get to the actual planning; eventually I put it together in 2 days with the help of friends and my mom. 

I personally don’t like birthday dinners, cos I feel like you’re stuck at the head of the table the whole time and not able to mingle with everyone and get involved in other conversations, so I opted for a bubbly-picnic, which worked well and gave me that relaxed, social feel.

30th birthday; picnic luncheon; 30th celebration

A few of my friends got together to surprise me with a camera, I’ve been dyiiiing for one for months! I also got a dress, LOTS of bags.. maybe 10 or so, books and perfume. Spoilt girl!

30th birthday.picnic

Blessed with amazing girlfriends



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Heeeppppiiii! I’ll be turning 30 end of this year, and I’m so terrified. I feel like I’ll miss my 20s so much, and I’ll officially be an adult. Oh well, such is growth 🙂

  2. That just looks like the perfect way to
    Celebrate turning 30! So much fun and I hope you have been using the camera! And 10 bags… that must be a record

    I haven’t worked on my birthday in 5/6 years or so. A colleague used to take her birthday off and I started doing it too. Now on my birthday I run 7 Km because July is month 7, then spa for a massage and meet up with a friend (done that for two years in a row now) and/dinner with hubby and K

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