Khumo’s first birthday party

Wait, can I call it a birthday party if it was just us… her parents, brother, aunt and grandparents?! 

I decided to spare myself the headache of throwing YET ANOTHER big celebration, especially after Lesedi’s 8th birthday party and my 30th birthday luncheon just a few weeks ago! She’s only one, which means she will be napping for most of the day or be grumpy around a huge crowd and everyone wanting a piece of her. 

I must say, I’m pretty chuffed with myself for this idea. We had a family photoshoot at home, lunch (brought by my mother-in-law =no cooking for me, score!) and drinks. We took pictures for 45 minutes then relaxed and chatted. It took all of two and a half hours and I was free to enjoy the rest of my weekend.

The grandparents loved it and the lady of the moment could take her nap straight afterwards. Is that not winning?! 






1st birthday party


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Yes you can call it a birthday party! And yes that is winning doll on every level! Well done and again I’m going to copy this idea when my one turns 1 ???

  2. I absolutely love this idea.My baby girl is only 7 months and I’ve been thinking of throwing a party when she turns one,however I don’t know that many people with kids. The photoshoot idea is awesome.

  3. This is amaziiiiinnngggg!!! I’m counting down to my 30th, and my daughter’s 1st birthday too! Loooove the photos! Please share who your photographer was:) Thanks so much!

  4. I’m so I’m love with every piece of detail…
    Guess what? I have a Khumo too???
    And wait for it… she’s turning 1 next month.. 22 April to be exact…
    I’m also in the line of copy cats.
    Well done mommy!
    P.s. that board.. where?

  5. Yes to this idea! Unfortunately I’m suffering from the first mom bug and want to have a big 1st birthday for Kai. But hubby and I are totally doing the only family thing for the next few birthdays, until he can actually appreciate (and remember) them hehehe. Happy birthday again to both of you!

  6. Hello great blog. My Lil one is turn one and I was looking at doing the board for her. Do you mind sharing where I can get one made around Johannesburg.
    Thank you.

  7. I believe the first birthday is for the parents to celebrate surviving the first year. And whether it is big or not a party is a party. And whilst they might not remember it there will be pictures to remember the day!

    And yes you had a party just not a big party! Photo shoots are always a winner more memories and in your case small party meant less clean up.

    Still can’t believe Khumo is one already. I remember you being pregnant

  8. Hi lady,

    This is so dated I know but my daughter’s 1st birthday is coming up and I’d also to do that milestone board for her. Could you please share details of where you got yours done?

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