12 week baby and postpartum update

I know I keep saying that I cant believe how time is flying but I really really cant. I’m having the total opposite of my pregnancy experience haha. A baby teaches and reminds one of how we can take time for granted. Khumo aka Little-Lady/Darling is now 12 weeks old, just the other day, I was writing my 8 week postpartum update.

Her Personality: 

She’s a chatty, feisty, chubby and happy baby. She recognizes us now and is always keen to exchange smiles and try to copy facial expressions. Her big brother is enjoying her even more but complains that she’s getting heavy.

She loves: boobies, bath time, staring at curtains and interesting light fixtures and boobies (they deserve another mention cos YES I’m still happily breastfeeding and it’s a huge deal for me). I’ve noticed that she only wants feed from the left side, my friend Karabo suggested that I feed her from the right during our night feeds when she’s still drowsy.
She still hates: being swaddled and having her arms restricted.

Growth, emotions and how I’m doing: 

She’s officially out of newborn clothes *tears* and we’ve moved to size 2 of our Huggies New Baby Diapers. She weighed 5,2 Kg’s at our 10 week vaccination and all is on track. By the way, the nurses told me that rubbing Vicks/Menthol on their thighs helps with the pain afterwards.

I’m sad about going back to work in about 6 weeks time. I’ve also started feeling really guilty and horrible about using some of my maternity leave to do other projects. Yes, it’s all been in the name of hustling for the long-term wellbeing of my children, but still… So I’m going to be spending the next few weeks focussed on prioritizing my household and myself. I’ve been splitting myself into a million pieces to fit in everyone and everything but that’s just not working for me anymore. I never anticipated the amount work that comes with going from one child to two. I don’t know how I would do it if my son was any younger – his maturity and independence has helped me so much along the way.


We’re on the road often and having him there to watch his sister in her carseat at the back has been given me peace of mind. He can be his protective self and I can focus on the road. If I have to travel alone with her, I prefer to use Uber Family, where you can request a vehicle with a car seat and we can enjoy the ride together at the back.



I’ve managed to spend some time with my girlfriends with spa days and dinners here and there which has also been refreshing and relaxing. These strawberries with white chocolate from our spa day were SO good:


Mobile spa; Strawberry treat; Strawberries and Pool; Swimming; Home Spa; Strawberries and White chocolate

Special skills:

I’ve learnt how to pick up all kinds of objects with my toes while carrying her when she’s sleeping.

Weight and sleep: 

I’ve lost: 4 kg’s in the last month so I’m back in my normal STRETCHYYYY jeans. I still have a long way to go with about 6kgs to shed and LOTS of toning – baby number 2 does cruel things to the body!!

Sleeping: her patterns have improved a lot. She wakes up once or twice and has been consistent with the 4:30am wake up call – that’s usually when I let her move from her cot to our bed and she loves it. She falls asleep again for longer, but being the light sleeper that I am, it’s not that great for me. Her day time naps vary a lot – there are good (about 3 two-hour naps) and bad days (when she only takes very brief naps).


Bedtime: we haven’t quite been able to crack a routine yet. I try to keep bath and feeding times consistent, but she just wants to play after that instead of sleeping. She only ends up sleeping around 8:30/9:30 which is a concern for me because I’m aiming to get to bed at 8pm when I go back to work. If anyone has tips, pleeeease share!

We had a mini photoshoot at home last week, since I didn’t have a newborn shoot (I kept procrastinating). Looking back, I’m glad I stalled because I really like how she looks more like herself now than she did at 7 or 10 days old and her personality comes through in the pictures.

baby feet; newborn; newborn photoshoot at home
I need to stop typing now so I can force myself to take a nap *part of that taking-better-care-of-myself I mentioned*

I hope that you enjoyed the update and that you’re all well Mamas; I would love to hear from you.


Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. My son only turned 5months last Thursday and it looks like my breast milk has dried up. I’ve spent all morning reading up on how to fix this as I really enjoy breastfeeding him and I’m just not ready to let that go.

    1. Oooh nooooo!!! Try breastfeeding and expressing as much as you can at work and home. Try the Fenugreek supplement from Dischem or Prolak. I used them simultaneously- check for pics in this post http://wp.me/p61pyW-nv

  2. Its so refreshing to read your posts Thando. Glad you and Khumo are doing well. Cant wait for my turn so I can share my experiences with you 🙂

  3. I thought Nkosana was the only one that becomes more active and unsettled after a bath, if you get the solution please share

    Great article as always

    1. Thanks Aya! Will try morning baths while I’m still on maternity leave and see – I’ll post the feedback

  4. I love these update posts they make me see that at that stage I did pretty well with my little girl. Yes you’re telling the truth when you say time flies. I remember I was so pregnant and waddling then the next thing my baby is 6 months old and no longer dependant on my breast milk now. Gosh! don’t tell me about after bath times. I used to get angry because I’d think she’s tired and overstimulated and would sleep better if I bathed her but nope! she will start afresh and play. Moms let’s find out what is making these little people do this and how we can solve it ?

    1. Hi Anazo, Mrs FF has suggested that we try move bath time to the mornings, how does that sound?!
      I can’t believe that you guys are on solids ☺️

  5. I can’t believe how grown she is already!! How time
    Flies… I love pictures so I did the new born shoot and one at 3 months and I’ve consistently done at least one professional shoot every 6 months.

    You see to have this going from one baby to 2 thing bedded down… Well done mommy.

    my baby used to be cranky in the mornings and I found bathing her in the mornings helped. And if it was a hot day she would get a bath at night too, but otherwise I found the bathing in the morning helped us more than the night bathing so maybe try that and just give her a wipe at night. It might help

    How is the big brother adjusting?

    1. Oh I love the idea of a shoot every 6 months, thanks for that. They grow so quickly it would be nice to capture those memories together. I’m really contemplating moving bath times, all the sleep-related articles tell you that evening is best but I want to see how morning baths will play out. How quickly one forgets ?. Big brother loves her more each day; says she’s almost qualified to play with him now LOL

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