The statistic that shocked me – 1120under5

As World Hunger Month draws to a close, I wanted to share a bit of what I did, in my little world, to try and solve what I regard as a national crisis. I was both sad and shocked to hear this:

1120 children under the age of 5 die of malnutrition

in South Africa!

As a mom, I can’t bear the thought of children going hungry, and ultimately perishing and that is what drove me to get involved in the #1120Under5 campaign.


Adding Hope…

As you may already know, Add Hope is KFC’s national feeding programme that feeds over 120 000 children. The programme has consistently demonstrated it’s committment to being proactive about decreasing the stats on hunger. They have put hunger in the spotlight – exactly where it belongs!  And this time, they did it in the most creative and unconventional way. Together with one of SA’s most loved rappers, Nasty C, we started raising awareness by putting out social media posts using the hashtag #1120under5. Once we had people curious enough (most thought it was a song or clothing label), we dropped the stat:

1120 children under 5 die of malnutrition in South Africa!!

That truthful stat was a sobering one, which prompted ordinary South Africans to take action.


You may be reading this and wondering how you can personally get involved – it’s really simple – you can help us drop the stat in two ways:

1). You can donate to Add Hope here or

2). You can donate your social reach and share the #1120under5 story to help drive real change.

Its time to stand a stand, because no child deserves to die of hunger. 

Thabisa Mkhwanazi, KFC Public Affairs Director and Add Hope champion says, “we’re only going to conquer childhood hunger if we work together to establish a broad social movement against the malnutrition that robs our children of their potential”. I couldn’t agree more! 

Visit and for more information on this campaign!

Modern Zulu Mom 

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  1. This is really sad. If there are any other campaigns like this one, please do write about them. Someone has to do something, children don’t deserve that…

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