11 month baby update

11 months, oh baby! This post is 10 days late, someone has been keeping me very busy. I haven’t done a baby update since she was 7 months old, so A LOT has happened. I’m not sure if she falls into the baby category anymore?!

How are you guys holding up in this weather? I know it’s not freezing, but this rain has brought some nippiness and crazy traffic!


Here’s what’s happening with the little madam: 


The biggest and most exciting development is that she is walking!!! She took her first steps the night before she turned 11 months. That night, she walked and walked and walked – buuuuuuut she didn’t do much after that, for about a week. Not sure if her legs were sore or if it’s just fear that took over, but she’s finally back to it. It’s still weird to see a little person walking around the house. Time to baby proof!



She has 3 toothies (two at the bottom and one at the top) and is currently cutting the fourth. She has never had severe teething symptoms, except being extra clingy and fussy. She still wears her baltic amber necklace, not entirely sure if that’s what’s helping.



I’m so surprised how quickly she is catching onto vocab. For starters she can understand and react to certain words, for instance, if I say “Woza” (come), she will start moving towards me. She can say “tata” (take) when she wants to give you something or when she wants something from you. Super cute! Now can we move onto “Mama”?!


Siyashadisa ❤️

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She Loves:

  • Food
  • Buttons, she is always drawn to them when she spots them on something I’m wearing
  • Brushing anyone’s hair with a hair or cleaning brush
  • Getting involved in what everyone else is doing. If I’m on my laptop, she wants to type. If I’m eating, she wants my food; if I’m writing she wants the pen… and so it goes. Oh, and she thinks my cellphone is hers.
  • Drinking from big-people cups



I hardly make separate meals for her lately, unless I want her to have certain vegetables. She eats what we eat, but if we’re having lamb or beef for instance, I will blend the meal for her for a softer consistency.

At the moment, her favourite meal is mash potatoe and mince. She also loves plain avo as well as carrot with mash potatoe.

She hates being fed – meal times are a struggle. I have to give her a separate bowl and spoon to distract her, if I want her to eat something.


Snacks on:

  • Fresh fruit – crushed mango or banana are her faves
  • Dried fruit – again, mango comes out tops
  • Plain double cream yogurt



She is enjoying her big brothers company now. There was a time when she didn’t want him to hold or play with her, which really hurt his feelings. But now she enjoys the different ways he tries to entertain her and she loves kissing him.

We’re enjoying this ray of sunshine of ours, despite how busy she keeps all of us.



Hope you enjoyed the post. How are your little ones doing?



Modern Zulu Mom

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  1. Interesting to hear about how she is developing. Time has flown by.

    We are learning about new foods and exploring. I am finding it hard to make my own, but would love to so I’m going to start bulk cooking for her.

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