Life lately

Well, hello Darlings. I know, I know. We’ve just entered the second quarter of the year and I’m only waltzing in now.  Like most people, I was happy to see the back of 2020, but I also didn’t have that “new year, new me” feeling. It’s such a weird space to be in, because a […]

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Dragonview Lodge Review

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Our family was recently invited to visit the brand new Dragonview Lodge, which is an exclusive boutique hotel, set in the Drakensberg. Over the years, I’ve enjoyed a few trips to the Drakensberg, but never on this level – it was grand in every way! I was impressed by the comfort and privacy of this […]

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Road Trip Tips: How to Keep the Kids Busy

The idea of a South African road trip is sure to put a smile on most people’s faces. You immediately revel in the notion of lots of bonding time with your loved ones, breath-taking scenery, and plenty of enthralling pit stops. It seems to be a wonderful way to rest, unwind, and explore our country’s […]

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Tips for your virtual job interview

virtual job interview: virtual interview: job interview

You may find yourself on the job market at a time when social distancing is encouraged, which means your next job interview may be virtual. I thought I would share some tips on preparing for your virtual job interview. A fact that you may not know about me, I was in recruitment for about 7 […]

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A time to add goodness to the lives of others

We’ve had some really cold days and tough couple of months as many families have taken strain from the economic impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic – many are struggling with basics like food and warm items. If there’s one thing I have realised, it’s how fortunate I am to have a warm home with almost […]

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