{Career Development} Online learning in South Africa

online learning; online learning south africa

Every so often, I like to bring in a bit of the professional side of what I do onto the blog and I thought I’d talk about online learning, a topic that is relevant to me right now because A) learning and talent development is what I do for a living B) I’m excited to be doing my first online professional qualification, which also explains why I’ve been a little […]

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5 month baby update

5 month baby update; blog; blog baby update

I was looking forward to all the lovely things I could brag about in my five month baby update, but it hasn’t been the easiest month. At the moment, all my energy has been drained by the lack of sleep in my household. I’m completely fiiiinished! It seems like all of us are taking turns to get sick and it’s thrown all routines out of the window. First little man with […]

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Meet The Mama: Gugu Nxumalo talks about motherhood after the loss of her 12 day old baby


Hi Mama’s, this week I’ve featured Gugu, another Mama that has overcome the challenge of a huge loss, after her first baby sadly lost the battle with Gastroschisis at 12 days old. Gugu contacted me because she wanted her story to encourage any other mother who might be going through a similar experience.   Tell us about yourself and your family? I am a mother to 2 girls named Reamogetse […]

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Breastfeeding is NOT easy for everyone


When I decided that I wanted to breastfeed exclusively, I had no illusions that it was going to be easy because of my previous ‘experience’ with my son… the experience which lasted all of two weeks. This time around, I was armed and ready with lots of information and [rather expensive] tubes of nipple cream, which I started applying a few days before she was born. I did my research […]

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How to visit parents of infants & not be a douche

Millenial Dad

Okay, so you’ve been invited (or invited yourself) to the home of a friend who has an infant. “It’ll be great”, you think. “I’ll breathe in all that beautiful baby smell ’til I’m delirious from all the cuteness. Plus they probably haven’t had visitors in ages, they’re just dying to have someone else in their home”. Then, you don’t get invited again or they’re always out of reach when you […]

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Stand a chance to win with Exclusive Books: April is Children’s Month


Hi Mama’s I have some good news for your little bookworms and an exciting giveaway to come with it. April is Children’s Month at Exclusive Books This means that they will be hosting a morning of kids’ activities, treats and fun every Saturday in April, at various stores. The stars of the show are Pippi Langkous, Dr Seuss’ What Pet Should I get?, Where’s Wally and The Good Dinosaur. I […]

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Dear Daddy… I choose to remember you as a great dad and not as the troubled man you sometimes were


This post was inspired by a series started by fellow blogger, Sinawo Bukani, who has set out to post a letter of gratitude to the people who have contributed immensely to the woman she is today. I couldn’t help but think of my dad, whom I lost 5 years ago, when I came across a letter she dedicated to her uncle. The image of the black man has been damaged so […]

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Fashion Fix with EXACT clothing


My little man has always loved his fashion – although lately, he seems to prefer being in just his shorts due to his “4-pack”. From 3 years old, he already had good idea of what constitutes a great ensemble, he would beg me to buy him ties and belts. So with all the pressure to be dressed like a King, it’s assuring to find stores such as EXACT, who cater […]

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The magic of coconut oil


Known as a super food, coconut oil has so many benefits, some of which are not widely known. I started using coconut oil in August last year, when my sister recommended it to me as a hair and body moisturiser. I buy mine from Dischem for less than R80 which I think is a steal for the amount of value it offers. Here are some of it’s best uses:

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