Belle Lait: beautiful feeding bras for the modern mom

Belle Lait

I’ve written about extensively about breast milk and my breastfeeding journey over the last few weeks, but what you don’t know is that up until a few days ago, I was wearing nothing remotely close to beautiful feeding bras. Instead, I wore shady sports bras which I bought while I was pregnant, because they were stretchy and offered comfort when my nips were violently sensitive. The reason I’m not in thaaat situation anymore […]

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Becoming a mom shouldn’t mean that you lose yourself

So you step into this crazy world of parenting and it’s a journey like you’ve never imagined. It can take a year or two to adjust to the new schedule, demands, joys and challenges. BUT some of us get trapped into a one-dimensional mind-set when we become mothers. Your baby is special and deserves every greatest thing there is to give them, but part of loving them the best way […]

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