Summer Essentials

Summer essentials

I love everything about summer – people are generally upbeat, happier and positive. There is just something about colourful gardens, sunshine and warmer weather that symbolise freshness and new beginnings.


Here are some essentials you shouldn’t go without this summer:



Water is literally life! Drinking water and taking a bath/shower literally leave you feeling livelier. After a sleepless night with a mischievous 7 month old, I often feel like I can’t face a new day until I take a shower. Remember to keep it short, in light of our drought and water restrictions. I don’t particularly enjoy drinking water, but I find that I do drink more in summer due to the heat. Fruit-infused water makes the taste more interesting.



Detox water; fruit infused water


Sunnies, hats and slops

This reminds me that I’m in desperate need of a pedi. Also, keep your bag light but practical. Don’t forget to pack wet wipes and sunscreen!


Summer essentials

Cute outfits for mom and kids

What is summer without cute outfits? Keep it light and colourful

I used to be intimated by Maxi dresses, but now I love them. Choose light, breathable fabrics to maintain a comfortable, flattering and elegant look this summer. They are useful for casual Friday at the office, weddings, kiddies parties and summer braais.


Girls dress R240, Exact


Ladies Cami R160, Exact
Boys Sneakers R220, Exact


Ruffle maxi dress, Asos

The extra heat means greater care and extra protection is required. Wear sunscreen daily and exfoliate once or twice a week.

I’ve loved Neutrogena since I was in varsity, so much so that I used to try my Aunt’s 2-in-1 mask and wash behind her back because I couldn’t afford to buy my own. I also love the freshness of the Radox shower gels, although I’m still trying to get used to the new branding.

A few months ago, Lindi from A-Well-Heeled-Woman blog, featured me in her “what’s in the bag” series where I shared more about what I would typically carry in my toiletry bag. Please check it out and read her fab blog.



Summer essentails skin


Mama-kini and Kaftan

I’ve only worn a bikini twice in 7 years and that was during my second pregnancy. The December heat wave was a lot to handle at 7 months pregnant. I‘m quite self-conscious, especially after baby #2 so I prefer to play it safe in a monokini, or mamakini as I usually call it. I need to stock up on some cute kaftans!


Swimwear for moms
Monokini from Asos


Ignore her thighs, no one has thighs that smooth in real life LOL


kaftan; swim wear for moms
Kaftan from Asos



A positive outlook on life

No ones life is perfect and we all have our own unique problems. Never allow negativity or comparisons to consume you, look for the good in every situation Mamas. Do whatever it takes to stay sane – whether that’s praying, journaling or spending time with your children. Don’t forget to enjoy your life. 

Playing the fool in my garden while my kiddies watch the madness

What will you not go without this summer? I’d love to hear



Modern Zulu Mom


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  1. I actually don’t like summer!!! The heat kills me and I feel like I’m melting away! Worst part my allergies get worse

    That said I drink lots of water and run/walk more because there is more hours of sunlight

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