Start Strong Stay Strong: Win a R400 voucher with Nestle

The time between conception and age two, forms the first 1000 days of life for your child – an unpredictable, but memorable period for a mother, child and the entire family. With both my pregnancies and births, my family grew closer and bonded the most in that time. It’s amazing how babies have the natural ability to bring everyone together, as they bond over their obsession with new life ❤️.

As moms, our greatest efforts go into loving, caring for and feeding our babies. In pregnancy, we will go for check ups and take our prenatal supplements. After child birth, we breastfeed (if and) as much as we can, then we move onto solids between 4-6 months of life. Over time, we continue to introduce new, interesting and nutritious foods to our children; making meal times a big occasion in all homes, as seen in this Nestlé video.


In about 8 weeks time, Khumo will be ready to start tasting small portions of CERELAC Little 1’s. Six years ago, her brother was enjoying this product, so I can’t wait to see how she reacts to it. Along with that, I will also be trying this iron calculator


Feeding your baby is a special experience – share yours with me for a chance to win. I’m giving away 4 x R400 vouchers towards a restaurant voucher or towards a pamper session for you.  This is how you can enter:

Upload a video or picture of yourself feeding your baby on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, tag me on the post and hashtag #MoreThanJustAMeal

A reminder of my social media accounts:

Twitter: @modernzulumom
Instagram: modernzulumom
Facebook page: Modern Zulu Mom

Giveaway closes on Tuesday 24 May 2016. Open to South African residents only. Winners will be contacted directly via email/social media

I cant wait to see your videos!!

Modern Zulu Mom 

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