Breakfast with Huggies and Nico Panagio – new Huggies nappy pants launch

My little guy has been out of nappies for a very long while now but a big part of my blogging journey is to share as much as possible with other moms; a large proportion of MZM readers are new mommy’s. Besides that, I do want to have more children in the near future, so I delightedly accepted the invitation to breakfast with Huggies.

About the event:

Held at the Johannesburg Country Club in a beautifully decorated, private dining hall. Everything was themed and well planned-out, even down to the cloakrooms with Huggies changing stations and nappies for mommy’s to use during the event.


We were hosted by Nico Panagio, who shared his courageous journey to fatherhood. Nico and his wife have adopted two beautiful girls after battling to conceive naturally for a number of years. I admire Huggies for giving Nico a platform to share his most difficult life experience with other parents through this platform, because it is a reality for many people. In those moments of opening up to us, Nico wasn’t the TV presenter and actor that we have all come to know over the years; He was a human being, a God-fearing man, a loving husband and an admirable father. Unsurprisingly, Nico has become a firm advocate for adoption.

About Huggies Nappy Pants:

How to use Huggies Nappy Pants product:

  • Let your baby simply step into the Huggies Nappy-Pant and put it on like regular pants.
  • Now your baby is ready to twist, turn and wiggle, and will be protected with the absorbency of a nappy.
  • To remove, simply open the resealable sides, roll up, and dispose of the Nappy-Pants like a regular nappy.

Huggies Nappy-Pants work like a nappy and are as absorbent as a nappy. They have soft, stretchy side panels and flexible leg elastics, plus fun new Mickey & Minnie designs, which are tailored to for boys and girls.

They are a new addition to the range, not to be confused with the Huggies Pull-Ups which are designed for potty-training. Huggies Nappy-Pants can be used during the day or at night.




Other highlights:

One of other highlights was networking with other mommy bloggers, Lebo from Oluthando, that I previously featured on my Moms We Look Up To Feature and Heather from One Step at a Time. I also loved meeting new mommy Letsego Zulu and her new baby girl Adventure Baby (yes, she has a blog), as well as yummy mummy, Lesego Tshepang Mokoena and her son Lereko.


Thank you for an amazing event Huggies.


Modern Zulu Mom

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