Three personality traits I am proud of


Society tells us that it’s conceited to like ourselves. For someone that grew up with a very low self-esteem, it has taken a lot of work to actually say to myself “hey, I like you”. At times it still makes me feel uncomfortable and the many of my vulnerabilities are still there, but I am slowly growing out of them by fully embracing the blessed life path I’ve been given. […]

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Stay Heart-Healthy with these tips from Kellogg’s

heart and stethoscope

By making small changes to your lifestyle, including making time for a balanced breakfast and exercise where possible, you will be already on your way to tackling whatever life throws at you, this year. Here are some top tips to get heart-healthy:   Start your day right Heart-healthy living begins with taking the time to eat breakfast in the morning. We are busy moms, but skipping breakfast can often lead […]

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MOMS WE LOOK UP TO FEATURE: A moms courageous story of recovery after Post Natal Depression


Last week I introduced the “Moms We Look Up To Feature” and received great feedback from Nandi’s story. This week I interacted with another Mommy blogger, mother-of-two Lebogang Xolo, who kindly agreed for me to share her story on her battle with Post Natal Depression (PND), also called Post Partum Depression (PPD). I found it fitting, following my post on PND earlier this week, however, Lebo’s story inspired me even more after discovering […]

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Lessons from speech therapy after speaking Zulu exclusively at home


As with most parents, developing my son’s mother tongue was one of my top priorities. I made a conscious decision from the time that he was born that I would speak our home language (isiZulu) with him, exclusively, until he went to school. In my mind, it was the only way to ensure that he would be fluent and comfortable with the language before he went on to speak English […]

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