Giveaway {Ouma Rusks}

Ouma Rusks

*Brrrrrr* Hello cold front!  I don’t know about you guys but I’m not the biggest fan of winter. When the temperatures drops, all I want to do is stay indoors, under my covers, but… I’m a mom of two so that ain’t happening much in my life 🙂 On a positive note, the chill had me thinking that this is probably the perfect time to do an Ouma Rusks giveaway! […]

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11 month baby update

11 months, oh baby! This post is 10 days late, someone has been keeping me very busy. I haven’t done a baby update since she was 7 months old, so A LOT has happened. I’m not sure if she falls into the baby category anymore?! How are you guys holding up in this weather? I know it’s not freezing, but this rain has brought some nippiness and crazy traffic!   […]

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{TOY KINGDOM} Top 50 children’s toys this Christmas

My babies and I ventured to Toy Kingdom in Sandton City after we received a gif card to experience Africa’s most loved toy store. I decided that the best day to go would be on Lesedi’s last day of school. He received his school report and has done incredibly well this year, despite all the changes he has had to grow through this year – new house, new sibling, and […]

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{Giveaway} Johnson’s Toe-to-Toe + tips to build a bond with your baby

Johnsons Top To Toe

The one thing that you always look forward to, as a new mom, is building a bond and connection with your new baby. At most times, that synergy is not built immediately, but over time as you both step into your beautiful new reality together. One of the most powerful ways that you can use to build a bond with your baby is through physical touch.   Every baby needs and benefits […]

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My first Soweto Marathon

I surprised myself so much by taking part in my first Soweto Marathon. Just the word marathon is intimidating, I moaned and changed my mind a million times leading up to race day. It just freaked me out, but in the end it was done. I’m grateful to my sister for pushing me to do it because it gave me a chance to see that it’s not that bad.   Training […]

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Baby wearing: benefits and safety

baby wearing

I’ve always been a baby wearing fan and I’ve worn both of my children. I’m doing it more extensively lately, after looking into the benefits of baby wearing and finding the perfect sling for us.   What is baby wearing? Baby wearing is not a new trend, Africans and other nations have followed the culture of wearing babies for hundreds of years. We commonly wear or carry our babies on our backs […]

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Why your children need to do chores

Managing a household with an infant and a 7 year old during the school holidays [while our Helper is on leave for 10 days] is ALL the motivation I need to re-evaluate my little man’s chores and responsibilities at home. Growing up, chores were non-negotiables for us – dishes needed to be washed and the stoep needed to be polished daily. Full-stop! Now that I’m a parent, it’s my turn […]

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Meet The Mama: Lulwando Tukwayo

Hi Mamas! This week, I caught up with Lulwando Tukwayo. I call her Lu or Superwoman; we connected on social media about a year ago and I’ve always admired her dedication to self-development and family. She’s a wife, mom of two (our daughters were born about 2 weeks apart), sister, runner and Masters student (this woman was on campus a week before giving birth people, I mean?!) I had to share her story […]

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Motherhood can be lonely

motherhood can be lonely; lonely mother; bad moments dont make bad mamas

I’ve realised that motherhood can be lonely. It seems like a weird thing to say, seeing that we’re kept busy by our kids ALL THE TIME. Being a busy mom, doesn’t necessarily mean that feelings of being overwhelmed don’t creep up on you. Over the last few days, I’ve had time to honestly reflect, be vulnerable  and acknowledge that I do get lonely on this journey. Despite having two amazing children, that I love […]

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The benefits of Juicing: Juice for Health and Win with Nirmala Juice

My biggest weakness is food – I’m talking food right across the spectrum, from home cooked meals, to desserts and takeaways, I love food, period. Unfortunately I don’t always make the healthiest choices and the impact isn’t pretty. Now that I no longer have the luxury of blaming everything on pregnancy cravings; I’m getting ready to work on my health and fitness again. Every day life with my children reminds […]

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